MemberPress – Making WordPress Membership Sites Even Easier

You remember the good old days where you'd have to search top to bottom trying to find a something even worthy of being called a WordPress membership plugin?
First, you'd dig through then you troll Google for about an hour to only end up back at aMember as the only good solution, which at the time wasn't your standard installation to get up and running.
Then came along the game-changing Wishlist Member which changed everything, it brought a professional membership management tool that allowed you to use WordPress as a subscription based CMS.
Even though Wishlist Member was good, it had many flaws, such as not being encrypted (Who does that? Especially for WordPress plugins), compatible with a bunch of payment processors that don't make sense (Premium Web Cart, UltraCart, RedOakCart, what?).
Not to mention it doesn't play nice with many other plugins.
These setbacks lead to the birth of numerous competing plugins many of which are great such as Magic Members,  Digital Access Pass and others.
Now the WordPress membership plugin choices are far and wide, but yet there's room for improvement.

Enter MemberPress

MemberPress is the newest addition to the list of great WordPress membership plugins out there, at one point I was going to create my own membership plugin and I was actually going to name it MemberPress, so I guess it's back to the drawing board for me.
MemberPress is only 2 weeks old but it already looks very promising, it's brought to you by the same folks that brought you Affiliate Royale and Pretty Link Pro, I'm still upset that PrettyLink still doesn't support custom post types but that's for another post.
The first thing that stands out with this plugin is the fact that it works with the Stripe payment processor, which is a payment processor very popular among developers and very easy to setup for those who are not developers as well.
No other membership plugin works with Stripe so that's already one exclusive feature.
Of course, they support PayPal and as well, In the future, I'd like to see some support for Payza which is the number one alternative to PayPal (Damn near a PayPal clone).

Great Reporting

MemberPress Reports
MemberPress Weekly Reports
MemberPress Coupon List
MemberPress Create Coupon

One thing that really sets MemberPress apart from other plugins is its detailed reporting, it's one of those things you didn't know you needed until you see it in action.
It's something that's completely lacking and non-existent in many of the more popular plugins like Magic MembersDigital Access Pass and Wishlist Member.

Another really cool feature is it's coupon feature, some of the other membership plugins don't off that.

You're probably thinking you don't really need coupons but trust me coupon marketing is one of the best ways to drive sales to your membership website.
MemberPress is already thinking ahead with yet another feature that many other plugins are not yet doing.

Complete Front End User Experience

MemberPress User Account Payments
MemberPress User Account Subscriptions
MemberPress User Account Update CC

When members sign up to your site, their entire user experience will happen on the front end of your site. Yup no more “/wp-admin/”, this is great for branding and will help with users feeling more comfortable with spending money on you and your site.

They're quite a few other features but the ones I mentioned are what separates MemberPress from the pack, I didn't see anything about an API but I hope they plan on having some custom integration functions in the future.
MemberPress is off to a good start, I hope to see allot of new things added to it.
Check out MemberPress.