Logo Design Branding On Demand

Site Studio Logos is a rapid professional logo design and branding service that is tailor made for small businesses that need to move quickly.

What You Get

Market Reserach

Find the perfect fit with things like typeface, colors, symbols and characters all affect the how your business is perceived There's a reason why a medical brand has a different aesthetic from a travel brand.

Brand Strategy

When it comes to logo design branding, where this logo will live plays a big role in where the logo and branding is place. This applies to both physical and digital assets. Our brand strategy will help you speak clearly no matter the canvas.

Art Direction

Art direction combines art and design to evoke a cultural and emotional reaction. We use is to influence just about anything we interact with. Without art direction, you're left with a dry, sterile experiences that are easily forgotten.

Unlimited Revisions & Formats

Traditional design firms charge for their creative works to be exported in various formats. We thrown that idea out, all our design assets are exported as JPEG, PNG, Vector EPS and even additional formats such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Affinity Designer.

Our Work

How It Works

Step by Step Process


Choose a Package

The package selection is simple and straight. It's logo design, band identity, and brand & logo identity.


Describe Your Project

Provide a brief breakdown of your business, with a description, colors, and logo style.


Submit Project

Once you've submit your project, work on your project begins almost immediately and the first initial design will start rolling in within 24 hours.


Review Designs

You'll receive a maximum of different logo designs, from those 3 you'll choose which one you like the best. Then from there, we'll go further with iteration with your design choice.


Complete Project

Once you've made your final decision, we'll save and export the file in all the formats you'd like to use for anything.

Logo Design Branding (LDB)

Your logo is often the most important piece to your entire brand next to possibly the name. The logo will identify and represent your brand across various media. Upon gathering client input through our Discovery stage, we’ll start on the designs.

Logo options will be presented, each of which will be adaptable for print, digital, and large-format signage. The options will undergo revisions and be narrowed down in consultation with the client until it has reached a point with which the client is absolutely satisfied.

Once we’ve completed your chosen unique logo identity, it will be prepared and saved into all the required standard file formats: jpg, png, svg, pdf, tif and eps files. Plus any additional file types you request. Then packaged up into a logo pack along with a simple one-page logo guideline pdf.

Logo Design Branding

More than just a simple logo guideline, the brand identity guidelines consists of design elements such as decorative graphics, icons, a color palette, typography, business card design, letterhead design, powerpoint and reporting templates as well as social media design assets.

The client is responsible to provide textual or graphical requirements to guide the creation of this system, which will culminate in an addendum to the brand assets package and, if necessary, a brand guidelines document, intended to guide users of the brand to keep consistency and can be widely shared with all staff, stakeholders and suppliers.

Straight Forward Logo Design Pricing

You will be charged for this logo design project one you complete you logo design branding submission widget.


$ 299
  • 3 Design Choices
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 3+ Design Formats
  • Design Mockups


Do I get Revisions

Yes, you get unlimited revisions of your logo and branding designs until you're 100% satisfied with your work. Keep in mind the revisions need to be within the scope of what you described in your submission.

What is I want to make modifications after the project is complete?

Once the project is complete, you'd need to start a new project in order the make modifications to a completed design.

How long Before The Project is Complete?

The logo completion process takes 48 hours, once the 3 logo options are complete, we send them to you for review. The time remaining is dependent on how long revisions take.

What do i need to open the files ?

You can use any image editor or image viewing software to open the file in JEPG and PNG formats. For Vector EPS, you'll need a tool like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator or any other tool vector editing tool.

What is the format of the completed project?

All logo designs are exported (as a zip file) in JPEG, PNG, and Vector EPS formats. You can elect to have other exported formats such as PDF, PSD, Adobe Illustrator, or Affinity Designer.

What if I lose my original design files

We store all design projects for 12 months, during which you can re-download at any time. Once 12 months has passed, the files will be deleted.