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  1. Hey man! this is Buddy the technical support guy! Just want to let you know that your site really rocks!
    I've been learning a lot from this website, especially about SEO. I'm working on my new website. It's about computer troubleshooting like how to remove viruses, operating system issues etc. Hopefully I can have my new site up at the 3rd or 4th week of November.
    Thanks again man for telling me about this site! I'm really learning a lot from this!

  2. Wow Chozen Your the man. I want to go to school to learn all of these things. I currently have a blogging site which i want to be for up and coming Musicians Like myself. Idk if you got my message on Sound Cloud but I am A Local Rapper As Well As A Blogger. Im Going To do some homework on Website Building and see if i can take my site to the next level. I know i have a long way to go but im going to try, Keep up the good work though because i just do alittle Html coding and that even be kicking my butt sometimes. lmao

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