Explainer Videos 101: The Best Explainer Video Software & Services

Explainer videos are a growing trend among the Internet business entrepreneurs. Their main advantage is  that they can explain a whole business plan or project in only two or three minutes in a funny and witty way. 

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a video that was made to quickly describe a product or service. Am explainer is usually 5 minutes or less with the majority of them being less than a minute.

Explainer videos are usually animated or whiteboard style. They can also be real-life videos as well. Explainer videos also go by the name video marketing.

They are common among software products and services.

You will also find them frequently used in the education space as well.

Explainer Video Services

They are specially useful for projects looking for funding or for pre releases of new products. There are quite a lot of companies that are specialized in the creation of these short videos so, when it comes to choosing  one we can trust, the decision is always hard. Let's take a look into the main ones: 


The guys at VideoZee.com are quite good when it comes to clear and cute animations. Their image style is  easy to understand and their graphs and charts easy to read. Their price range is one of the best, and the  quality of their animations is great. Also, they allow a great deal of customization, which can make the price  even more affordable.

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Nick Seuser's video creation company, 129films, has a different approach to the business. Their videos do not rely so much on quirky animations as on clear and easy to follow slideshows. The final product is similar  to professional infomercials or long TV adverts. Their use of 3D, live action sequences, and the way they  know how to integrate these two elements makes them stand out as an interesting choice. Their style can be  defined as “corporate”, or business oriented. They can create funny stuff, although they will give the best  results when focusing on more serious issues.

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Veracity Colab

Now, this is an interesting concept agency. I use the word “agency” for a reason; their videos look slick and  sophisticated, as the ones you would expect from a high class advertisement agency. The three founders  come from completely different backgrounds (Theater, film and animation), and they combine their strong  points to create moving and compelling videos. The quality of their creations is superb, and the writing of  the scripts is off the chart. However, this serious and highly evolved approach may not be the best for some  kinds of projects, where the emphasis must be put in the “fun factor” or the affordability of the product.  Quality comes at a price.

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The thing that makes Epipheo one of a class, is their naivety. Not because they are not business savvy, but  because their communication style. Just by looking at their webpage you are transported to the land of  childhood, of doodling stick figures in text books, a whole world of fantasy, expressed with the simplest  figures you can imagine. The results are sometimes breath taking, as they connect with a very interesting and  usually forgotten part of our minds.

As an interesting extra, this company offers a free consultation service, so it's easy to find out if they are the  ones who should be in charge of your explainer videos.

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This is one of the most popular video creation companies. They are young, trendy and in touch with what's  going on in the Internet business world today. Their style is focused on clarity and humor, relying heavily on  animations and simple puns to make the message lighter and easier to digest. They always include voice  over, animation, script writing and the whole package in every project, although they are not the cheapest  company in the market.

As they are quite popular, having a business relationship with these people can be hugely beneficial for any starting company.

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Switch Video

Their main focus is clarity, and it shows. This video animation company conveys the message in a clear and  easy to understand way, relying heavily on simple charts, hand drawn images and easy to follow stories that  go straight to the point.

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Planet Nutshell

This animation company specializes in creating what they call “Nutshells”; clear, precise and understandable  explainer videos. Part of their work is focused on education projects, so it's easy to imagine that they will  have quite a didactic style in their video creations. The animation style is interesting, fresh and funny, and  the stories are easy to follow only by looking at them.

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Through their unapologetic 2D educational cartoon style, Splainers keeps the information clear and precise.  They don't rely on expensive gimmicks or video wizardry tricks; they create what's necessary to give away  the important information about the product or the business.

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Fire Starter Studios

Their main style is whiteboard animation, but they have a great range when it comes to video creation. It's  easy to find the perfect way of expressing what you need to say using their complete style palette. Their  prices are quite low, and their signature style is attractive and eye catching.

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This company is completely focused on animated videos. Their style is simple and practical, and helps  conveying the message in an efficient way. As an interesting advantage, they offer “budget videos”, where  you choose the template, and fill it up with the desired information, for a cheaper price.

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Video Explainers

As their name says, this guys are specialized in explainer videos. They are good at 2D animation, and at  getting the message out there. As they are 100% focused on Internet business, they know what's needed to attract customers and to pitch projects efficiently using the simplest tools available.

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Broadcast 2 World

Another animation company that specializes in short promotional videos. They use both 2D and 3D  animation, and blend the results proficiently, in a way that makes the whole visual experience rich and  attractive. The scripts are high quality and, more importantly, the prices are affordable. In their webpage, it's  possible to choose the desired voice over artist from their multilingual voice database, which is an  interesting advantage.

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The Cuillin Collective

For those companies who are in a tight budget, The Cuillin Collective may be the perfect solution. This  British company gives really cheap prices and they are quite fast too. They work in hand crafted or digitally  crafted animation, sometimes even recording the drawing process as part of the video. Their main drawback,  however, is that they don't provide with a Voice Over service.

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Pulse Design Lab

And here we have yet another animation company, who does explainer videos focusing on clarity. They  have an interesting style, related to current web design trends, and easy to integrate in any modern website.  Their goal is to communicate the message, simple as that, and they don't rely on tricks or easy jokes to do so.

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321 Fast Draw

What this company does is simple and effective: whiteboard animation. Their client list is huge, and the  quality of their products really high. All of their videos are as simple as it gets: a hand drawing pictures on a  whiteboard, giving away a specific message.

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Simple Story

Although they sell themselves as an animation company, this guys should be labelled as video creators.  Agreed, they are good at clear and specific animation, but they are also effective with live action video, and  excellent when mixing the two of them. Their portfolio shows that they know how things work in the  Internet business market.

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Demo Duck

When you mix up schematic animation with live action video and commercial messages, the result is  DemoDuck.com. They are great at creating 90 seconds videos that convey the desired message in a clear and  attractive way, making their clients look good and professional. Who wouldn't want that for their business?

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Idea Rocket

While other video animation companies only provide with a specific and recognizable style signature,  Idea Rocket mixes 2D and 3D animation in a clever and interesting way. Their 2D animation style  is simple and clear, and the addition of 3D elements makes that simple style come to live in a very  interesting way.

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Panda Motion

Pandas are cute. We all know that. PandaMotion tries to bring the cuteness to the short video industry, with  very good results. They work both with animation and with live action video. What makes this company especially interesting is the variety of their price ranges. It's possible to get a full explainer video for only  $500, using a template, or to spend much more and get an impressive result.

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Explanatory Videos

Among all the high quality video animation companies, what makes ExplanatoryVideos special? Probably  the fact that their main concern is the business side of the industry. They have their artistic side too, of  course, but their goal is to make your product sell, your website visible or your project easy to market.

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Illustrate It

If there's a word to define this company, it would be “versatility”. They offer a wide range of styles and  techniques to choose from, as they have a great staff of multi-disciplinary workers. For a long term process  that involves the creation of several different videos in different styles, this company may be the right choice.

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Video Jane

This company is all about business. Their website doesn't feature a showreel, as usual, but they give away  the number of sales each of their features has achieved. You can choose the animation style or the actor, if  you want a live action shoot, and you'll know how many sales that choice has made in the past. The budgets  are quite cheap and their delivery is fast too.

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This India based company is one of the cheapest out there. Their main focus is explainer animations, with simple  graphics that convey the message efficiently. Their main selling points is that they take charge of everything,  making your life easier. They work in various different styles, including classical 3D and architectural 3D,  which is not so easy to find out there.

Visit Explainers.in

Story Vision Video

While their main area of expertise is whiteboard animation, they also meddle with other animation  techniques. In their website, they claim to be one of the cheapest whiteboard animation companies out there,  and the quality of their work is very professional.

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Picture Lab

A video creation company, that excels both in the animation field as well as in the live action one. Their ability to mix and mash these two media formats is quite interesting, and they have the unique ability to  make all their products look modern and web related.

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Simpli Film

These guys may not have a huge portfolio to brag about, but they surely are spot on their selling point:  attention to detail. The quality of their videos is amazing, and they make things so complex such as book  trailers, really engaging and interesting.

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Video Jeeves

You could say that VideoJeeves is just another video animation company that creates cute and eloquent  videos focused on conveying commercial messages, and you would be right. So, what's the advantage of  hiring these guys? First, they work both with 2D and 3D animation. Second, their prices are low, and their  quality high. I know it sounds bad, but it is not. This company can get you the same results as some other companies for one third of the price, or less. Does it sound interesting now?

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Easy Explain Video

This is one of the most successful and veteran companies in this industry. Their portfolio is really big, and  you'll probably seen some of their videos at one time or another. They have their own signature style, they  know what business is like, they can guide you and help your project be successful. Contacting them is easy,  so maybe it's a good idea to write them a few lines.

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In a highly competitive market, Eric Hinson's company manages to stay afloat delivering top quality  animations. They work on a proven formula that sells; simple, clear, funny, entertaining and easy to relate  animation. Their videos can put a smile on your face while your hand reaches your credit card. It simply  works.

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Bread N Beyond

They define themselves as a “Branding and Animation” company, and that's exactly what they are. They  offer the classic animation styles -cartoon, cartoon cut-out, shadow cartoon, etc…- and they allow the client  to choose the voice artist directly from their webpage. That allows to a great deal of customization even  before starting the creation process.

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Demo Flick

Finally, DemoFlick is another video animation company that goes into the “cute and funny” direction. They  have a keen sense of humor that shows visually, and a very interesting knack for story telling. All of that  complements their business oriented goal in a very positive way.

As you have seen, there are quite a lot of explainer videos companies. Each one of them has its own  particular strong points, and its defined style. Before deciding upon any of them, you should think deeply  what kind of video will make your project or product shine above the rest. Good luck!

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