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WP Contest Creator

Contest Marketing Works

How many times do I have to tell y'all? If you want more followers on Twitter, more likes on Facebook, more pins on Pinterest, more plus ones on Google+ and more email subscribers you need to step your game up and start doing contest marketing.

Listen to Me!

People love free sh*t, you'd be surprised what I've seen girls do for a free iPad, but that's a whole different story for whole different type of site.
My point is incentivized action always yield results, years ago people said it had no value but this is no longer true.
The last time I wrote about contest marketing, many of you took my advice and started using the service and are now better off for it.
At that time my fan page for had 42,000 fans and now I'm about to break 50,000, so you can play around if you want. Now I'm starting to get things rolling with Google+ which is currently growing at about 30 plus ones per day.
People are starting the drink the cool-aid and this contest marketing thing has grown legs, and now new services are popping up.
WordPress in particular has seen many new contest plugins released in recent months.
The newest kid on the block is WP Contest Creator, it's very much similar to Contest Domination when it comes to features, the only real difference is pricing and the fact that it's a full blown WordPress plugin.
The main thing you want to remember about running a contest is that you should be focused on building your list – things such as likes, tweets, pins and all that other fluff is secondary.
WP Contest Creator realizes that should be your main focus and built the plugin to help you do just that.
If your a WordPress user and even if your not, WP Contest Creator is a good tool to get you started on your contest marketing campaign.
Check out WP Contest Creator.