WordPress Contest Plugin, This is How I Gained Thousands Of Facebook Fans

WordPress Contest Plugin: You may remember my post How To Get 1,000 + Visitors Per Day From Facebook Fan Pages, it is one of my most popular post.
At the time I only had about 10,000 Facebook Fans, on my Hip Hop site iHipHopMusic, now I have over 42,000 and counting.
In the article I mentioned one of the methods I used to gain that much of a following is by running contests and offering rewards for certain actions.
In all honestly it's the best method I know of for the little guys to get big exposure.
At the time I was using a free Facebook app to do it, and it worked great but then it was removed from Facebook without a trace and I couldn't find anything else like it…That's sometimes the price you pay for using free sh*t.
Anyways I eventually came across a commercial tool called WildFire and it was f*cking awesome, but boy was it pricey.
They had a pay per promotion model which is OK if your doing a contest every now and then but not for a consistent basis, and FYI your probably going to tank on your first promotion because you don't have everything configured correctly.
Small time bloggers and small business owners are definitely not their target audience. I used them for a short while but then I became big enough to grow my fan page with just traffic to my site.
That being said you can ever have enough fans right?
So from time to time I would look out for some sort of tool that I could use to do contests because it so effective. You'd be surprised at what people will do for a Tablet….lol
That's when I eventually came across Contest Domination, from a Facebook ad none the less (That Facebook ad targeting has become something very special, I'll talk about that in another article).
The plugin described exactly what I was looking for, it had nowhere near the amount of features of an enterprise level service like WildFire but the big plus, is that it's a WordPress plugin which means native support and integration.
You see all my businesses are built on WordPress so this is perfect for me.

Contest Domination – The WordPress Contest Plugin

The plugin does 2 things, it grows your list and builds your social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and Linked.
What you do is setup your contest page, that will look something like the one below. Setup up Mailchimp or Aweber email marketing service automatically, or if you don't use those services just copy and paste the email form from your email service provider.

I use MadMimi because there the most affordable service I know of.
Once configured all the other settings, your ready to go. Your now set to run unlimited contests.
Besides Site Builder Tips which I've done no marketing for at all, every single one of my sites (7 in total) have more than 3,000 fans.
So when I say this plugin will give you an edge in social media marketing, it will and for 37 bucks you can't loose.
Start running some campaigns now, visit Contest Domination.
If your using another platform other than WordPress, no problem just get you a cheap hosting account over at Hostgator, install WordPress and use that a your Promotional dashboard for your main site.
Problem solved.
Thanks for reading, Chozen.