WiziApp: WordPress iPhone Plugin, That Turns Your WordPress Site into a iPhone App

Not too long ago I wrote about why it's important to be mobile ready in this day and age. The problem is that it's still too costly to create Mobile Apps for your website and even more expensive if your trying to do something fancy (did I just use the word fancy?). Even WordPress still doesn't really have a simple and affordable solution for creating mobile applications, well that's until I ran into WiziApp.
WiziApp does exactly what I've looking to do for quite some time now, basically it's a WordPress plugin that  turns your site into a native iPhone app. This is better than using a 3rd party solution because everything you do will be in real time, so as soon as you make any changes or updates to your WordPress site it happens on the iPhone app at the same time.
Pretty much everything you can do on your WordPress website can be done using WiziApp, such as comments Posts, Pages, Comments, Categories, Tags, Links, Images, Videos and audio files etc….
You can download the plugin for free and start building your app right away. Once your ready to launch your WordPress iPhone app to the App Store, WiziApp.com will handle that for you.
Currently this is the best option I see available for turning your WordPress powered site into a native iPhone App.
Check out WiziApp.