Best Website Hosting

wwwThe truth about finding the best website hosting is that there isn’t any best web hosting companies out there, nor are there any bad ones, OK they are some bad ones. The reasoning behind this logic is that each person has a different experience with the web host they choose for there business. some great, some good and some are completely horrible.
The fact is choosing a website hosting company is a crapshoot for most people especially if you're a beginner, the web host isn’t always the problem, and the problem sometimes is what you need from your web host. For example if you're looking for an Ecommerce solution then you can’t just go with any whole web hosting company, you have to go with a host that specializes in that.
They're 3 things you need to consider when choosing a website host, the first thing is the service has to be affordable but not cheap (trust me you get what you pay for!), secondly, the service must be feature-filled, the fundamentals of website hosting are the same no matter what company you go with the goal here is to find what company is offering the most bonuses and has the most features in a standard package as opposed to an upgrade. Third is that your website host must (I repeat must!) be scalable, I know that $3.95/month one size fits all pricing looks great but do your self a favor and stay away because as soon as your site begins to get a certain amount of visitors and pick up traction, they are going to shut you down and say your site is using up too many resources. If they don't offer some sort of upgrade to a better service to cater to your ever-growing website then you'll end up moving to another host which could take days and will without a doubt hurt your business.
Through running two of my own sites iHipHopMusic and MusicVideoCast, I know first hand how stressful it can be to find the right website hosting company. I've moved both those sites 3 times before finding a reliable web host. Below I've put together a list of website hosting companies that I've used and some that are known for being extremely reliable.
HostGator is one of the best website hosting companies on the web today, they are known for offering the most tools with there hosting packages, from a free website builder, Fantastico, free site transfer to 4,500 free website templates to choose from. Host Gator provides Shared, Reseller, and Dedicated website hosting solutions. Their services are designed for both beginners and professionals. All of there plans include a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 support, and a 45-day money-back guarantee and are fully guaranteed by the owner himself. I'm currently in the process of building a membership website hosted by a hosted gator, once the site is finished I will be making a post about how to set up your own membership website.
Yahoo Merchant Solutions
YahooYahoo Merchant Solutions is an all in one web hosting solution for small business owners. There affordable web hosting packages are packed with many features, such as a built-in credit card processor, shopping cart, forum, members area, affiliate program, etc. It puts together dozens of tools needed to run a successful e-business. Yahoo is a trusted brand and there are quite a few people I know who use their service to power there website. Check out the review I wrote about them a couple of years back here.
HostRocket is a scalable solution for those who are looking to start out small but plan on growing there internet business. HostRocket provides personal and business website hosting solutions as well as dedicated website hosting for those looking for more freedom and high-end functionality. They also offer web design services for those who are not too design savvy to give your business a professional look and feel. Overall HostRocket is held in high regard across the web and would be a good choice for your business.
ProNetHosting is a professional website hosting company that has come along way since they first came on the scene in 2001, they use only offer one pricing for there service but with the growth of there customer's websites they had to change their service to cater to their clients. Just like all the other hosts you can start out small with and not worry about your site crashing as your business begins to grow.
LunarPagesLunarPages is one of the few web hosting companies that survived the dot com bust of 2000 without harm, LunarPages from the very beginning has been one of the most feature-filled website hosting services with over 8 different website hosting packages to fit any business need. They also offer a web design package for both static and database-driven websites. From packages starting as low as $2.95 per month, you can find something to accomplish your specific task whether it be a personal page or a full-blown Ecommerce solution.
No matter what your business needs may be one of these website hosting services will be able to help you, don't get caught up in the noise of hundreds of web hosting companies claiming to have to best solution it will only lead to frustration and time wasted. Believe me when I say that I would gain nothing from referring you to a service that doesn't help so you can just end up canceling the service, what's the point of that?
As I continue to develop websites and work with different website hosting companies I will update this page with more host but for now these services are the cream of the crop.