Vibrant Media Acquires Image Space Media, The Lamest In-Image Ad Network

You guys remember Image Space Media right?……..Nah? Don't worry about it, neither does 90% of the rest of the web. I wrote about these guys over 2 years ago when they were originally called PicAdMedia. I basically addressed the low payouts, the possible potential of the service and a couple useful features.
I've long since dropped the service because it simply wasn't profitable and it was on one of my most popular websites, which at the time was clocking 2 million page views monthly.
Today Vibrant Media, another company which I worked with announced that they acquired the service. I'm not sure why they would do that, maybe Image Space Media has improved drastically since I used them but as far as I know – GumGum owns the In-Image Advertising space.
Below is apart of the press release.

We are pleased to announce today our acquisition by Vibrant Media, the global leader in premium contextual advertising. This acquisition combines our image technology with Vibrant’s unmatched scale, robust contextual platform, award-winning sales force and publisher service team.
Vibrant currently works with more than 6,500 publishers and the top 100 brands, including Samsung, Chrysler, and AXE. With this acquisition, we can deliver new and expanded revenue opportunities for you, and offer your site visitors an enhanced experience that is relevant to the content they are viewing. In addition to Vibrant Image, Vibrant has a suite of products that help publishers add incremental revenue: Vibrant In-Text, Vibrant Video, Vibrant Bar, and Vibrant Display.

All things considered it could be a smart move, since it's puts them in direct competition with GumGum in the In-Image Advertising space. When it comes to In-text Advertising they're already playing second fiddle to InfoLinks, who's long since blown pass them – at least according to my earnings comparison.
Read the full press release at Vibrant Media.