The Rich Jerk – Your Guide To Making Money Online

The Rich JerkThe Rich Jerk; is a combination between a self help guide and a case study on how to make money online by using both black and white hat strategies. The Rich Jerk is a breath of fresh air to the internet marketing arena, It is a straight-to-the-point guide to making money the internet. The Rich Jerk takes a different approach with his book and tells it like is, this is another very popular program with our visitors. There is dozens of books out there that talk about making money online, some talk about a particular niche or a certain industry, and you usually have to read a few books before you fully understand how to actually make money on the internet. The Rich Jerk covers most of what you need to know in order to make money online, but no matter what you read, if you don’t put it into to action you will never see any results and then you’ll start labeling all the books you read as scams.
Some of The Benefits

  • Creating an Affiliate Website that sells like Crazy
  • Unique Search Engine PPC Strategies that kill the Competition
  • Search Engine Optimization Strategies (SEO)
  • Selling Your Own Informational Product
  • Buying Wholesale and Selling on eBay
  • Websites you can Make Profitable Right Now
  • Other Online Ventures to Consider
  • Supplemental Info for Beginners
  • Quality Products/Services I Highly Recommend

This guy is not such a jerk; he is a realist like myself and takes the internet for what is (another medium for making money), he does not spend time trying to brainwash you into thinking the internet is this magical place that cranks out millions of dollars into your bank account without and effort.
The Rich Jerk mostly covers the profit potential of creating affiliate websites, and instead of simply just talking about the oh so very popular arena of internet marketing, he tells you about many different ways to make money as an affiliate marketer for both digital and physical products.
He also gives you case studies about a few of his own affiliate sites that he is currently making money from, one of which is making him $20k per month. He even talks about a few of his websites that he sold, one of which he sold for $379.000 on eBay.
Being that I’ve been marketing on the internet for over four years now, I already knew about most of what he talked about, but his case studies gave me some new ideas on designing some new niche money making sites.
The blog which was originally was created a as a result of reading this book, I run five other affiliate websites but this was the first aimed at internet internet marketing, reason being is because internet marketing is so competitive yet it’s such a small arena. There are hundreds of other industries you can target and make a killing (trust me on this), and that is exactly what The Rich Jerk covers.
For the price that he sells this ebook, it is definitely worth it and he covers a lot more than what these other marketers’ overpriced ebooks offer. Just take a look at this site and keep in mind that it was created as a result of me reading his book and then you decide whether or not it’s worth a try. The book is only 9.95 which is a steal since I paid the original price of $99 when it was first released.
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