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stats-junkyIf your an Affiliate or Pay-Per-Click marketer then there are a few things that you face on a daily basis, which include logging into each ppc engine or affiliate network one at a time, attempting to combine excel sheets into one in order to compare stats, spending hours trying to find flaws in your campaign and making calculated guesses as to where you should maximize and minimize your marketing efforts. Getting these tasks done requires the use of multiple tools and software.
StatsJunky fills a void for Affiliate and Pay-Per-Click marketers by giving them a centralized dashboard where they can manage all there campaigns, affiliate networks, advertising networks, keywords, profits and losses. There software is integrated with hundreds of affiliate networks which include all of the most popular ones such as Commission Junction, Click Bank, Link Share, Click Booth, Azoogle Ads and bunch more.
Now of course there are tons of tools and services out there that offer similar features sets, so what are the benefits of using StatsJunky over hosted or open source platforms?
Lower Risk Level
When using open source or hosted platforms, you have to dedicate allot of time to setting up your dashboard and getting all your campaign links, not to mention it won't all be automated. Another issue with hosted and open source platforms is that you are at risk of the server going down. Depending on how long the server is down this could be devastating to your daily revenue and your bottom line.

Add-ons and Plugins

StatsJunky is already compatible with all major affiliate networks but if there is something you need, they will gladly build an Add-on or Plugin for you.

Constantly Updated Resource

StatsJunky provides a daily webinar for all its users and it will answer all questions no matter if it takes 1 hour or 5.


When using StatsJunky there is no need to worry about a hosted application having access to all your campaigns and keywords that you’ve worked so hard to build, all you’re your data is stored on your computer.

Free for 7 days!

You receive a seven day free trial of the Pro version of StatsJunky.

StatsJunky has built a great tool that has real value and substance which is rare in the Internet Marketing arena and it could easily become the most used tool in your internet marketing business.

Check them out StatsJunky