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SocialGo LogoSocial Media continues to grow at an alarming rate, with sites like Facebook surpassing Myspace effortlessly and Twitter quickly becoming the next big player in the social networking space, it's even become one of the most accepted social networks in mainstream media. I mean you can't even be on TV stations like Fox, NBC, or CNN for more than 5 minutes with out hearing the word Twitter. They're many benefits to having a social network such as increase traffic to your site, user generated content which the search engines love, and better search engine rankings. Platforms like Ning and Kickapps and a few others have become the go to places for people looking to create there own social network and capitalize on the Social Media trend. SocialGo is one of the latest additions to the list of services that allows you to build your own social networking site without any technical knowledge being required.
I just finished creating a social network on SocialGo to see what they had to offer, above is the video you see once you finish signing up and head to the dashboard page. At first glance at the dashboard there very similar to Ning but far more polished. Ning is good for building Social Networks but the features are limited and you have share your network of members with other network creators, which doesn't work well when your trying to build a brand. Kickapps offers far more features than Ning (you can do virtually anything) but it's not free, it use to be but not anymore, actually it's quite expensive. SocialGo picks up from where Ning and Kickapps left off by offering a common ground those services don't offer, it's free to start a social network and also has many premium features.

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The one feature that stands out the most about SocialGo is the Member Billing feature, where you can charge members to view content that you deem as premium content. One cool thing about this feature that you can have some content as free content and some aa premium which is great for converting sales, I can see marketers jumping all over this. Another great feature is the Audio, Video and Chat modules which allow members to chat with one another using Text, Audio and Video. There's allot more bells and whistles that were available but these were the two that stood out the most.
Another thing that should be noted is the flexibility in SocialGo's theme structure, which gives web designers such as myself more freedom when creating website themes. You can also use ready made themes that are available in the theme store both free and paid. You can see screen shots below of some actual social networks powered by SocialGo.

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Is SocialGo the right fit?

Well it all depends on what your looking for in a social networking platform, personally I'm looking into maybe possibly implementing SocialGo into my video site, which I've been searching for a social network to integrate with the site. I'm not sure but it would be great if SocialGo had a single sign on feature that could work with WordPress powered sites but since they have REST API access, it wouldn't be hard to build a custom script to get that done.
SocialGo seems to be a solid platform and would be beneficial to those looking to start a social networking site, or add one to there existing site.
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