Social Network Website Builder For Joomla, It Looks Really Good!


First of all I'm not big on Joomla, WordPress is my weapon of choice when it comes to building websites not because WordPress is better but it's just the tool I started with on the web and I've always been satisfied with it so I have no reason to change it. Since I run a website called Site Builder Tips I can't make it all about WordPress, Though I don't use Joomla for any of my projects I do use some there theme designs, meaning I've seen some great CMS themes for Joomla that I then convert to WordPress themes, I have a membership at Joomlart which is a Joomla premium themes site that has some really great themes that I convert to WordPress themes.
It's on Joomlart where I discovered a site called JomSocial which is a Joomla social network website builder plugin, I have to say this is the first time I ran into a tool that I couldn't find for WordPress, I mean there is BuddyPress but JomSocial is a whole other level. The cool thing about JomSocial is that the site it self is a social network that allows you to see the extension in action, a couple months back I joined the site and I completely forgot that I was trying out a demo because It was a real social network where I was interacting with other members. I think that's a great way to sell a tool, the look, feel and functionality of JomSocial reminds me of being on Facebook.
JomSocial does a good job with this tool and they're quite a few successful sites powered by JomSocial, 3 of which are that has 113,380 + members, with 49,500 + members and with 120,583 + members just to name a few.
A few features and Specs that stood out for me.
Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect

Facebook has now eclipsed MySpace as the #1 most popular social network on the planet. With over 350 millions active users worldwide, chances are someone registering at your community will already be a member of Facebook.
To make the registration process hassle-free, JomSocial even included our new Facebook-Connect login-module in JomSocial, so your members can log-in to your JomSocial-powered community using their Facebook account details.
Profile pics, status updates & more are “pulled” in safely & securely from Facebook, making it easy for new and existing users to sign up and stay logged into your community.
Twitter Integration

Twitter Intergration

If Facebook Is the king of social networks then Twitter is the prince, I've watch the service bloom from the very beginning (I was one of the first to use it back in 2006) when it was just a side service to Odeo to now being one of the most talked about services on the web, I mean you can't even go a day on the internet without seeing something regarding Twitter.
JomSocial allows you to integrate your community with Twitter allowing your members to show there Twitter updates as well as there friends updates on your JomSocial community profile pages, also members of your community also have the option of automatically updating there Twitter account with status updates they make on your JomSocial community.
External Applications Support (Apps)

JomSocial Apps

This is a really important feature for tools like this because it allows you to integrate your community with pretty much any third party service out there, thus giving you more flexibility with your community.
I'm really considering building WordPress plugin that does exactly what JomSocial does for Joomla because there is nothing out currently for WordPress that does this and I think a tool like this would be great for WordPress.
Anyways check out JomSocial, sign up to there community to get a real life demo of JomSocial in action.
Check em out, JomSocial.