SEO Software I Use To Rank Number One In Search Engines

Let me make something very clear to you right now SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not a industry, it's simply a list of about 10 fundamental techniques you need to be aware of in order to do well in the search engines. Now I know so called SEO experts will see this post and loose their shit but it's the truth. You don't need to pay any SEO company $2500 – $20,000 per month to optimize your website, check keyword density, H1 tags, blah blah blah about extra things that don't play a major part in ranking for search terms. I'm sure they may help but they are not important nor required.
All you really need is some knowledge in the basics of SEO and a really reliable SEO software to do all the heavy lifting.

They are 3 things you need to know to rank for any keyword in the search engines.
1. Links: The life blood of the so called SEO industry, the basis to this is simple the more links you have pointing to your site the better. You'll hear people say well you have to make sure it's quality links from related sites, that's crap. For example I have a video sharing website ( that covers all topics so does that mean only links from other video sharing sites will be quality links? No, the same way I have a Hip Hop Music site that has links from CNN does that mean the CNN link doesn't count? Of course not. Do your self a favor, don't drive your self crazy trying to figure out a site's quality score before you have them link to you, Google, Bing and Yahoo make changes every day and you won't be able to keep up.
Here's a good rule to follow, any site with a page rank of 3 or better is a good site to have linking to you. If your not sure what page rank is it's how Google scores your website, it's the little green bar that in the Google toolbar. That's all there is to it, just keep getting links and you'll be fine. In fact if you master link building you can mess the other two things and still be fine. Take a look at how many links I've managed to get pointing to 2 of my websites, which you can view live using Yahoo site explorer.

That's 148,854 back links for and 136,939 back links for, now that type of link popularity doesn't happen over night but if you work at it it's definitely possible. You can manually go out and find link partners or you can use a software like SEO Elite (which is what I use) and have it search the web and in a few minutes to find you hundreds of link partners, I don't use it for link building that much anymore because my sites have become so popular that I build links on auto pilot now plus link partners come to me to make me offers.
2. Keywords: The next important thing to rank well in search engines is to make sure you have the right keywords on your site, I'm not talking about the keywords in the content that you write but in the title of the pages you create or if your blogging the posts that you write. You must be realistic about the search terms your trying to rank for, for example I've been trying to get top 10 rankings for the search term”music videos” for almost 2 years now and still I ‘ve not been able to pull it off, why? Because I'm going up against sites like MTV, Yahoo, AOl and even Wikipedia for that search term, so it's hard battle since those sites have millions of back links compared to my mere 130,000. But going for a search term like “hip hop music videos” isn't as hard which is why I have not one but two listings in the top ten for that search term.
The problem with trying to find good keywords to use with on your site, is that you don't know which keywords are more competitive, I use SEO Elite's “keyword competition” feature to check what keywords are the best to go after in my particular niche. SEO Elite basically gives you a road map of what to do, it shows you how competitive a search term is, how many links you will need, the page title you should use etc. This way you can copy what other websites are doing and do the same and even better.
In the Hip Hop niche, I've dominated search terms like hip hop music, new hip hop music, hip hop music 2010, hip hop songs, new hip hop songs, hip hop mixtapes and hip hop music videos. Most of which I'm in the top 3 for and for “hip hop music” I'm number one all of which brings 250,000 visitors to my site every month. All of this was not by mistake it was by using SEO Elite to methodically find new link partners and keywords to go after.
3. Anchor Text: This is the final phase to the whole thing, so you have your link building campaign going and you have your pages set with the proper keywords aka search terms, so now what? Well since you have all these different sites linking to you there is one last ingredient you need for success and that is Anchor Text or Anchor Link. A anchor text is simply the word used in the link pointing to your website, and believe me it sounds like nothing but it makes all the difference. For example if you have 100 websites linking to you and the word in the link is “how to build websites” well guess what, depending on how competitive that search term is, you could quite possibly end up holding the number one spot for that keyword in the search engines or at least achieve top ten. This is what leads to number one rankings, one of the best best ways to get the anchor text you want in the links pointing to your website is to try and find a domain name with the keywords in it.
For example look at my hip hop site (, it sounds stupid when you say it out loud but that didn't stop it from being number one in Google for “hip hop music”, you see most of the people that link to me don't pay attention to the Dot Com part of the domain, I'm not sure why they just don't. They simply put “hip hop music” for the link and this shot my site up to number one in less than 6 months. Another example would be, now even though when people link to me their links will have “Music Video Cast” in it, Google will still score the site for “music videos” or “music video” because it's in the domain name so naturally it's gonna end up in the Anchor text of the links pointing to your website.
Those 3 things I mentioned above are all you really need to rank for whatever search term you'd like, of course there are more details on how to get that done but that's not what this post was meant to do. The first thing you'll need is to get SEO Elite, without it your gonna be fighting a uphill battle and what should take days will take moths to achieve. Once you you've gotten SEO Elite just read through this post again and follow the steps plus the maker of the software Brad Callen is a 10 + year vet in Internet Marketing and SEO and has written a step by step in depth course on SEO and he's giving it away for free on the SEO Elite website.
I hope this was helpful to you in figuring out SEO and what you need and don't need.
Visit SEO Elite website.
Thanks for reading, Chozen.