SEO Link Monster Review – The Real Truth About This System

Update: I no longer use this service nor do I recommend, this page is strictly for archival purposes.

Is SEO Link Monster worth your time?
If you've read any of my articles or reviews in the past then you are already aware that I'm not big on recommending too many products from the Internet marketing scene. In fact there's about 5 people I respect and trust in that industry, and that number is even less when comes to SEO and getting results in Google.
I've never recommended any type of SEO link building system or service before – because I never wanted to recommend a product that I never used and couldn't show any results for, not to mention I didn't know what methods these companies were using to get links to their client's websites.
A system is only as good as the people behind it, and for you to understand the value of the system you must first know the people who created it.
Lets take a look at some of my websites that I've gained top 10 rankings for in Google and other search engines. (Soon to be
Top 10 rankings for hip hop music, new hip hop music, hip hop music videos, hip hop videos, music websites, hip hop mixtapes, r&b music, and more.
Top 10 rankings for mixtapes (super competitive keyword as with all single word search terms), free mixtapes, reggae mixtapes, r&b mixtapes, listen to mixtapes, and more
The list goes on and this is just 2 of the 6 active websites I own, these search terms bring me millions of visitors every month and if you don't believe just Google any of the search terms above.
Here's a Google Analytics screenshot from just one of my sites.

Brad Callen

The person responsible for me getting these top rankings is Brad Callen, one of the people behind SEO Link Monster. I've been a student of this guy since 2005 when I first started out on the web, the first thing I ever read from Brad was a guide he created called 7 Days To Google Domination which changed my business forever because before that guide I really didn't know exactly how to rank in search engines.
Since then Brad has gone on to become a big name in the Internet Marketing world, and released a series of top-selling products like SEO Elite which was the go to SEO tool way before all the all these new web 2.0 services popped up. He then released Keyword Elite which changed the keyword research game forever, followed by Affiliate Elite which leveled the playing field for affiliate marketers.
This isn't the first time Brad has created successful systems either, his first was LinkMetro over 5 or 6 years ago which was one of the first of its kind – Before SEO Link Monster his newest system was SEO Link Vine, so this isn't new territory for Brad Callen.

Matt Callen

The next person behind the SEO Link Monster system is Matt Callen, who's Bard Callen's brother.
Matt has a long list of successful products of his own, some of which include HyperVRE, Niche Revolution and My Article Network. I've personally used HyperVRE, Instant Popover  and My Article Network when article marketing was all the rage. The thing the Callen bothers have in common is that they both create complex yet easy to use software and services.

Dori Friend

And last but definitely not least is Dori Friend, the creator of the very popular and extremely exclusive SEONitro. I'll be honest with you, I've never used the SEONitro system before, because I could never get in. This is one of those systems that doesn't stay open to the public very long and when I first heard about it, I was small time then and didn't have the funds to participate.
SEONitro is literally responsible for ten of thousands of top ten rankings in Google, If there was ever a SEO Guru it would be Dori Friend.
Together these 3 experts have put together a link building system unlike anything that's available on the web, I'm already working the system with allot of new sites I've been building and you'll be seeing a progress report on that in the next 30 days. I'm pretty excited about this which is rare because I never get excited about too many products especially not SEO.
No matter what type of site you have, in whatever industry this system will work for you.
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