– One Click Live Broadcasting is a easy to use live broadcasting software created by the live streaming service Mogulus that only requires you to have a computer in order to create a live broadcast from your desktop to your website or channel on Mogulus.

This technology is definitely not new but this is the first that a service has come along with this level of quality and amount of features. The most attractive part of the service is that it's free and is full featured with no limitations.
Record & Play
Whatever you record, Procaster records it directly in the streaming service so your recordings are available immediately for on-demand viewing.
Broadcast Your Camera or Webcam
You can use any camera that is connected to your computer and the same goes for the webcam connected to your computer or built in. It supports Firewire, USB and video input cards.
Broadcast Your Screen
Many other services and software out there that record your screen can cost upwards of $200. Procaster does the same thing for free, if it's on your screen Procaster can stream it live whether it's Powerpoint, web browser, video and audio.
Live Chat and Twitter
Easy integration with Twitter as well as easy moderation Chat service.
Broadcast to 100,000+ viewers
With the use of the software and the Mogulus streaming service, you can reach a massive audience.
There is a boatload of other features that you can see for your self.