Need a Membership Website Software? aMember is Still The Best Solution

Over the years literally hundreds membership website software have popped up, but to this day only one still remains the best membership website software.

Re-Introducing aMember Pro

The originator of this whole membership website software thing. Way before WordPress became the most widely used Blogging and CMS platform and over a dozen WordPress membership plugins popped up, aMember was the go-to software for powering membership websites.

The competition has gotten very stiff in the past few years and you can go out and find many different choices for what you need, but just because they're more choices doesn't mean choosing has become any easier. I've been running my WordPress powered membership website ( for almost two years now via Wishlist Member and I always find my self-wanting more options and not being able to get them. WishlistMember is one of the best WordPress membership plugins available and it's still lacking.
If you're in the planning stages of building a membership website, here's a few things that are going to become an issue once your site starts becoming more popular.

Subscription Management

When I first started I had a handful of paid customers paying me via PayPal which is the number one 3rd party payment processor and the most customizable, it's fast and easy to setup and you can withdraw the money to your bank account whenever you want. The only problem with them is that they have no way for paid members to cancel their subscription unless they have a PayPal account, which many don't. So they would have to contact me to do it manually, this isn't a problem when you have a handful of members – Once I made it to 200+ members it started to become a task because I would start getting membership cancellation request daily, and once I got up the 500+ members it became very difficult to manage all the requests. Some Days it would be 20+ requests, I would then have to find the member's info, then log into PayPal and search for the member and cancel the subscription. This can easily turn into a hours worth of work.
Guess What? Most 3rd party payment processors don't offer the option to allow users to cancel their subscriptions automatically, trust me I've called most of them to check. The only 2 I'm aware of is Plimus and payment gateway, which is the number one way to accept payments online. Currently processes $1 in every $4 spent online in the US, so you would think that most membership software would support these 2 payment processors, but 90% of them don't and the ones that do don't offer the CIM (Customer Information manager) feature that allows paid customers to control their subscription.
The veteran aMember software has kept up with the times and has made many changes, one of the biggest changes it's made is that it's now a fully integrated with WordPress by default so there is no need to buy an additional plugin. So it's a membership website software and  WordPress membership plugin at the same time, the only of it's kind and it's also the only one that supports both Plimus and with the CIM feature.

And of course, they support all the other usual suspects such as 1ShoppingCart, 2Checkout, ClickBank, PayPal / PayPal Website Payments Pro, SWReg, WorldPay, and Zombaio for those of you who want to run adult membership websites, aka porn sites, lol.
Another problem you will come across when running a membership site especially if you're using WordPress is compatibility issues, all plugins are not created equally and they all don't all play nice together. I can almost guarantee you will run into some sort of issue with compatibility, aMember has an advantage because it's not actually a WordPress membership plugin and doesn't operate like a standard WordPress membership plugin and thus doesn't mess up other plugins you might be using on your site.
Also, a big problem with most membership website software is the lack of an API or custom integration interface. This is so necessary when it comes to building a membership website because everyone requires different things for their websites.
Wishlist Member is the only WordPress membership plugin that has a really useful API. aMember has a fully custom integration interface if you want to build customize functions for your website.
Currently, I'm in the process of moving over to aMember and to achieve full website automation.
Get aMember Pro.