Mobile Money Bandit Review, Don't Buy This Product Until You Read This

Mobile Money Bandit Review, this is a look into the new Mobile Money Bandit product and I STRONGLY recommend you read every word of this because this program is not what you think it is.

I really don't spend much time paying attention to these shitty internet marketing products coming down the pipeline anymore, I gave that up about 3 years ago. You know the products I'm talking about – those products were they schedule a live webinar, which you found out about via some other douche bag self proclaimed proclaimed expert's mailing list. They get you on the webinar, show you some logins, stats, screenshots if they're lying and maybe some live examples which they could have used there own money to ramp up.
When it came to Mobile Money Bandit which I got updated about via 3 different mailing lists, I was already prepared to trash this product as another recycled bullshit Mobile Marketing course that was gonna run people $1,000 which seems to be the standard asking price for internet marketing junk products these days.
It's not until I got on the webinar that I realized that this course was different from the others, before I talk about that lets first talk about how people are making money in mobile marketing right now.
This is what the mobile marketers usually try to sell you.
Mobile Affiliate Marketing: This is is where you make money by advertising affiliate offers via mobile ad networks which mobile users click on – and you make a profit depending on what action they take, I've been doing this for years with ringtones. It's no where near new information, check out Making Money With Cell Phones, My First Month Running A Mobile Site, I wrote that almost 2 years ago, back when 18 year old Adam Horwitz wrote a course on it..
Mobile Apps: Building Apps for iPhone and Android platforms, I've been on 3 webinars that talked about making money this way and honestly you don't damn course to tell how to do this. The most stupid ass apps can make tons of cash, if you have a silly idea and a clever name for an app – all you have to do is go to Guru, Elance or Freelancer and shell a couple hundred dollars to have it built and your set, nothing genius there. You then give it away for free, it gets downloaded thousands of times then serve ads within the app with the help of mobile ad networks like AdMob, InMobi, AirPush and a bunch more. You then build more free apps and link them all together, creating your very own app network that brings in money everyday… This one paragraph is all you'll ever need to know about how people are making money with apps, put away that $1000 – this will cost you $0.
Time and time again I've seen both these techniques get recycled a dozen times into new shiny products, don't waste your time…There is so much free resources to find information about that.

So What Makes Mobile Money Bandit Different?

It's not so much that it's different but instead a step forward into the next level of  Mobile Affiliate Marketing, to put it simply it's Pay Per Click + Mobile + Pay Per Call.
Pay Per Call is exactly what it sounds like; you get paid for when someone calls a company via your unique 800 number, it was a system introduced to the Affiliate Marketing industry a couple years ago by RingRevenue –  the leading call performance marketing platform.
No matter what Ad network you go with, they're all using the RingRevenue platform, Pay Per Call is just another type of Pay Per lead program; the only difference is it's being done over the phone……Oh and they pay a shit load more money than your standard Pay Per Lead program.
Guess what guys? I've been making money with Pay Per Call as well, for damn near a year now. Usually at this point I'd show you the site that's bringing in the cash like I do with the other sites owned by my company the Covanant – but with this site I think I'm the only one doing it and I don't want the leeches jacking my swag.
I can tell you the offer that I'm making money with though, it's Angie' s List which pays up to $18 per call – other stipulations apply of course. It's been making me a small mortgage over the past year.
Now here's what separates me from Justin Elenburg the creator of Mobile Money Bandit, he doesn't use a website (but you can if you want to) and he's doing it all on mobile phones – why the hell didn't I think of that? I can honestly say none of the other mobile marketing products that have hit the web over the past 2 years haven't covered anything remotely like this – not even close!
Oh and did I mention he's raking in $500,000 a year?
Check out a unique mobile marketing course for once, Mobile Money Bandit.