Making Money With Cell Phones, My First Month Running A Mobile Site

No matter where you go on the web you'll come across something having to do with Mobile and it being the future. With the success of the iPhone (just bought the iPhone 4 it's great) and the App Store Apple defines itself as a mobile company now and no longer a computer computer. Google who's Apple's biggest competitor in the Mobile arena at this point has also been taking major steps to solidify it's position in the market. There open source mobile operating system Android has been very successful over past few years and many feel in the long run it will beat the iPhone in sheer reach. Along with Android Google also purchased Admob the mobile ad network for $750 million.
With all these major companies setting up to control this market, we the little guys should most certainly be moving even quicker to make sure we're ready to profit from the already billion dollar trend.
Just last month I launched my mobile entertainment site  geared towards the music market and I've already turned a profit with barely any traffic. The site is so new that Google hasn't even indexed it yet. I've just been driving traffic to it from my personal websites. I won't tell you the name of the site yet because I don't want the leeches duplicating my efforts this early in game, I have to make sure I'm killing this market first before I reveal anything, the same way I do with all my other websites.

Check out the screenshot from my first month earnings. Via

And that's from one Affiliate network with only traffic from my internal websites, and as you can see the traffic volume isn't even that high,  I made $1,320 with less than 1600 clicks. You guys have seen my traffic stats for my other sites 2 million visitors a month is a regular thing for me so just imagine where something like this can go. I really haven't dialed this thing in yet with adverting, SEO, Ad Networks etc. With a little hard work this can easily become a 10k a month website in the next few months. And just think mobile is still in it's infant stages.
If you already have a website start looking into implementing mobile apps for your site, and if your running a music site or blog and you haven't implemented ringtones into your site yet your leaving money on the table.
How I Figured Out to Make Money with Cell Phones
I would love to take credit for being the one that came up with the idea but I wasn't. I always had mobile offers incorporated into my site but didn't make allot of money with it so I never gave it much attention. It wasn't until I came across Cell Phone Treasure, a system made by this 18 year kid Adam Horwitz making a minimum of $378 per day through cell phones.
Cell Phone Treasure has video guides showing you exactly how to make real money with cell phones from setting up your site to advertising that site through mobile ad networks and more. He also logs into a couple Clickbank accounts to show you money that he's making live with mobile offers.
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