LOKI Link Builder Review – A WordPress Plugin That Makes Google Build Backlinks For You

LOKI Link Builder Review: My sites just like thousands of other websites have taken a hit.
I've manged to recover but it takes time and it's difficult trying to figure out what's the best method for building a high ranking site since all the rules have changed since the Google Panda and Penguin updates.
That being said they're 2 things that still hold true.
Content and Links.
Content is meant to be useful to actual people, so don't spend too much time on trying to tweak your content to rank better in the search engines. If you create truly attractive content then that part is taken care of for you.
Links are still important, in fact their more important than ever it's just the way you build links that has changed. No longer can you go out and get a bunch of links from a couple PR5 or better websites and just simply dominate the search engines, in actually that's the quickest way to set off a red flag by the search engines and get your site erased from the search results.
Nowadays, your links have to be broad and varied. You need to have links coming many different websites, low and high ranking sites thus making your link building more natural.
But just because you know how to do it doesn't make it any easier for you to do it. In fact it's becoming harder, no one person can just build links anymore, it's just too time consuming while your trying to create good content for your website.
This is where a tool like LOKI Link Builder comes in, it automates the process of broad and varied link building for you. Now usually most of the automated tools that these SEO firms come up with are expensive and just send you a bunch of junk links that don't help your site which is why you don't see me write about much of them unless it's to bash them…I love doing that.
This tool is quite different, first of all it's a WordPress plugin so if your not using WordPress sorry, why are you not using WordPress anyway?
The plugin is brought to you by Sean Donahoe, who's no slouch in the Internet Marketing space and has a good reputation of providing useful tools.
Basically the Loki Link Buider plugin builds multilayer (very important) links to your website or any links you choose to build links to.
It does more than that but that's what it does in a nutshell, below is a breakdown of what the plugin will be doing.

  • Automated Authority Link Builder
  • Creates multi-level link pyramids
  • Helps boost rankings automatically
  • Creates highly-targeted traffic
  • Works on ALL WordPress sites
  • Google Panda, Penguin Safe
  • Promotes your own backlinks
  • Extracts links from RSS feeds automatically
  • Creates unlimited natural looking links
  • Creates your own personal private link network

People keep asking if SEO still works, yes it does but the rules have changed and those former experts are now beginners like the rest of us.
If your a day to day blogger then you already have your hands full with writing great content, or if your running a website that keeps you busy with orders, customer support etc.
Then this plugin will help lighten the load when it comes to link building.
Check out LOKI Link Builder
Thanks for reading….