Jiwire Offers A Unique Way To Make Money From Mobile Ads

Mobile ad network Jiwire just recently released a new product called Mobile Ads for Access.
Basically what Mobile Ads for Access does is it gives brands, bloggers and web masters the ability to offer their mobile audience  free Wi-Fi access in exchange for engaging with their advertisement.
I don't know about you guys, but whenever free WiFi pops up on my phone I'm on it right away.
This is why this type of monetization will work and a good reason why if your not already, should be mobile ready.
With this type of model, your guaranteed engagement with ads from your mobile users.
According to Jiwire, you could see a guaranteed engagement rate of 88%, that's unheard of ad display.
If you've been looking to monetize your mobile traffic, Jiwire's new Mobile Ads for Access product is definitely worth checking out.