Infolinks vs Vibrant Media, Which Pays More!

A year ago I touched on In-Text Ads and how much a particular company (Kontera) sucked, In the post I mentioned InfoLinks and Vibrant Media and that I was going to try those two companies out before I quit on In-Text Ads all together. Since Kontera was so Horrible there is no way that InfoLinks or Vibrant Media could be any worst. I also spoke on how strict Vibrant Media was and how I kept getting turned down when I applied, they always gave some vague reason like type of content, traffic etc.
Eventually I said forget it and went with Info Links, I signed up to them last year and we all know how last year was as far as income is concerned but even in the peak of the recession InfoLinks still paid far better than Kontera did a year before. Below is a week earnings for InfoLinks from May.

I remember a long time ago I couldn't make that with Adsense, the screen shot above is from May and the earnings have gone up even more since then. During that month I was contacted by Vibrant Media, the same guys that turned me down 6 different times and said they would like to run there In-Text Ads on my sites. Nothing had changed about my site, the traffic was the same, it had the same professional design so I found it funny that they would all of a sudden want to work with my sites. I really wanted to tell them to eat shit but I couldn't turn down the opportunity of making more money with them than with InfoLinks, so I decided to give them a weeks worth of my time which is more than enough time to make a decision. Below is a screen shot from that week.

As you can see from the screen shot above Vibrant Media earnings don't come anywhere close to InfoLinks'. Just because they say their number one for In-Text Ads doesn't mean it's true. Their site and ads look very Vibrant but there is nothing Vibrant about their earnings. I haven't logged back in since that week. I tried them both on multiple sites in different niches and the results were always the same. On the outside Vibrant Media seems to be the better company but once your logged in you'll see who the real deal is. You can't even change the color of the links for Vibrant Media without contacting support and asking them to do it.
Over all InfoLinks is a better company and they understand who their core publishers are, they provide plugins for WordPress, Blogger, Joomla and have many other resources for users to simply integrate InfoLinks into their sites.
That week when I removed InfoLinks they contacted me immediately and asked me what's the deal, and I told them I was split testing between them and Vibrant Media for a week, they simply replied see you in a week, LoL.
That's all there is to it InfoLinks pays better….