Infolinks vs Vibrant Media, Which Pays More!

A year ago I touched on In-Text Ads and how much a particular company (Kontera) sucked, In the post I mentioned InfoLinks and Vibrant Media and that I was going to try those two companies out before I quit on In-Text Ads all together. Since Kontera was so Horrible there is no way that InfoLinks or Vibrant Media could be any worst. I also spoke on how strict Vibrant Media was and how I kept getting turned down when I applied, they always gave some vague reason like type of content, traffic etc.

Eventually I said forget it and went with Info Links, I signed up to them last year and we all know how last year was as far as income is concerned but even in the peak of the recession InfoLinks still paid far better than Kontera did a year before. Below is a week earnings for InfoLinks from May.

I remember a long time ago I couldn't make that with Adsense, the screen shot above is from May and the earnings have gone up even more since then. During that month I was contacted by Vibrant Media, the same guys that turned me down 6 different times and said they would like to run there In-Text Ads on my sites. Nothing had changed about my site, the traffic was the same, it had the same professional design so I found it funny that they would all of a sudden want to work with my sites. I really wanted to tell them to eat shit but I couldn't turn down the opportunity of making more money with them than with InfoLinks, so I decided to give them a weeks worth of my time which is more than enough time to make a decision. Below is a screen shot from that week.

As you can see from the screen shot above Vibrant Media earnings don't come anywhere close to InfoLinks'. Just because they say their number one for In-Text Ads doesn't mean it's true. Their site and ads look very Vibrant but there is nothing Vibrant about their earnings. I haven't logged back in since that week. I tried them both on multiple sites in different niches and the results were always the same. On the outside Vibrant Media seems to be the better company but once your logged in you'll see who the real deal is. You can't even change the color of the links for Vibrant Media without contacting support and asking them to do it.

Over all InfoLinks is a better company and they understand who their core publishers are, they provide plugins for WordPress, Blogger, Joomla and have many other resources for users to simply integrate InfoLinks into their sites.

That week when I removed InfoLinks they contacted me immediately and asked me what's the deal, and I told them I was split testing between them and Vibrant Media for a week, they simply replied see you in a week, LoL.

That's all there is to it InfoLinks pays better….


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  • I am not sure how come Vibrant Media is paying less that Infolinks. For VibrantMedia image, i can see 97.58$ for 281 clicks i.e 0.35$ per click whereas for Infolinks image its 292.47$ for 3201 clicks i.e 0.09$ per click, so VibrantMedia is paying more, am I right? or I am missing something here.
    • Nope, Infolinks pays per CPM not per click so you can't compare them like that. Looking at per click payments is beside the point, what matters is the bottom line and the bottom line is Infolinks make 3 times as much as Vibrant Media on a week to week basis. And even if you want to judge it by clicks just look at how much better Infolinks performs when comparing clicks, actually I wish Infolinks was paying per click, I would make so much more money. At the end of the month when you get a $2,000 check from Infolinks and a $500 one from Vibrant Media are you really going to be thinking about Vibrant Media paying more per click? LOL....
  • Hello there. My wife and I just had one of our 4 Adsense sites disabled because someone went on a click frenzy last week. We've had our solid Adsense accounts for 8 years and we were making around $4500 USD per month before her one account was disabled. ANYWAY....the reason I'm posting is because all of our domains together get around 9000 unique visitors a month and ALL of the site are on loans (cars, boats, payday, mortgage, student, etc.) Does anyone know if Infolinks pays well for loan ads? I sure not as much as Adsense, but what? We're selling the big house and the RV next week..we can't trust Adsense any longer. Shooken and Up and Stirred....BillyBob
  • i made an account on infolinks, but i still cant understand how they pay you when its not per clicks, i have a few clicks but no income. and yeah do check out my blog, regards
  • I noticed that you do not have any in-text ads on this site. Did you ever? Or were your in-text placements reserved for your other sites? I'm just curious, as I have been working with infolinks for about two weeks now and it seems as though I have it as optimized as possible, though my results are fairly poor. It appears as though my adsense revenue has gone from a 15% monthly increase to a 10% decrease since I added infolinks and the infolinks earnings have definitely not made up for my adsense loss. I'm just fishing for thoughs from current/previous in-text publishers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • I've used Kontera for a few years now and usually make about $400 - $500 a month from traffic that's around 5000 views a day. These last couple of months traffic has bumped up to 7000 daily and yet the Kontera revenue has mysteriously been cut in half... causing me to look for alternatives. Adsense revenue has bumped up to $35 - $50 daily while Kontera has dropped to below $10 a day - something's not right there folks. Thanks for the post about Infolinks and Vibrant. I'll give Infolinks a shot.
      • I ended up sticking with Kontera. They've been a good long term partner and the key was being able to reach out directly to them and get a better understanding of what was happening behind the scenes. There were also some improvements that were made both on my end and their's to bump up ecpm to what I was looking for, such as increasing the number of links per page (was only at 6 for some reason and increasing that to 10 made a difference).
      • Here's what I can tell you about Kontera, InfoLinks and VibrantMedia, they all have there low points throughout the year. But I've been working with all 3 of these companies for years now on multiple websites with millions of visitors per month and I can tell you that InfoLinks pays the highest overall, one month I made over 8K with them but then they have months where they completely fall off and that's where you would switch to another network. You need to rotate between the networks to yield the highest profit.
  • I am very happy with infolinks even with little traffic I make money with them. I am not planning on switching but I do know some big companies use vibrant as well as infolinks. So I'm not sure which really matters but I make good with infolinks.
  • We were doing well with infolinks, especially at the end of 2010, but the earning have gradually dropped and I can't see why. We've earned half as much money this month compared to last month, yet our pageviews and clicks etc are higher this month?
  • It's simple VibrantMedia STEALS clicks. I mean it doesn't count all clicks and the clicks done by visitors become theirs. I have also experienced Vibrant and I can loudly say that Vibrant sucks balls! Vibrant also has a really retarded filter. If you run a news website where you simply present the news as they are, there are chances that only 20-30% of your stories will get Vibrant ads because the other 70-80% news stories could contain banned words such as: dead, killed, kills, terrorist, etc If a story contains just one of these words, it gets no Vibrant ads. This network is the only one with these retarded filters. Vibrant Media SUCKS! PERIOD!
  • After Adesense, Then infolinks its the choice. The diffrence of High Paying Keyword is not much different. Integrate both will generate a lot of money. I never try Vibrantmedia.
  • Looking at Vibrants numbers its hard to figure out how much they are charging per click, did they give you a set number or range? Also with the new forms of advertisements that Kontera has been rolling out, are the numbers still down in terms of compensation for you as a publisher. Do they tell you the split or just how much you received? My company is an online advertising network and are looking for publisher partnerships. It would be great to talk with you about this possibility. Please email me.
    • I'm looking to have in-text ads and banner advertising on this site, and on the next. I'm also building another site (some 300 pages) giving an history of a town. I need income to cover site costs. Please advise
  • Infolinks has a lot of link farm advertisers. I put them on my site for a few days and all the ads were for some website called "StarKeyResults." Nothing but a link farm, and I think it gives you a virus too. Vibrant has real companies for advertisers. I think website visitors appreciate ads that at least go to real products and websites, not link farms. And Vibrant ads look way better too. I think having ugly/nonrelevant advertising networks like Infolinks and Kontera can hurt your Adsense and affiliate income. If a visitor sees ugly, non-contextual Infolinks and KOntera ads, they will just hit the back button. That's why I use Vibrant, even if the visitor doesn't click on the vibrant ad, they still might click on an Adsense ad or Amazon product. Just my 2 cents.