InfoLinks Names My Site "Website Of The Month," And Made Almost $7,000 in November

I've had one hell of a month with InfoLinks, with my earnings even surpassing Google Adsense for the month of November, My average daily earnings was $213 with some days peaking at $400. I've been doing well with InfoLinks but nothing like what happened last month. Back in July I made a post called “Infolinks vs Vibrant Media, Which Pays More!” where I compared the 2 and InfoLinks won. The months that followed definitely supported my statement with InfoLinks averaging $2000 per month.
It's funny because last year I was ready to quit on in-text-advertising as reliable income source, after my year long experience with Kontera which sucked. Well It's safe to say I made the right decision sticking with it for a while because it has paid off.

My earnings for the month was almost $6500 plus InfoLinks gave me a $200 reward for being the website of the month ( Check out the screenshot below.

Oh yeah I just received a check from Vibrant Media, it was $107….SMH!
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