InfoLinks Names My Site "Website Of The Month," And Made Almost $7,000 in November

I've had one hell of a month with InfoLinks, with my earnings even surpassing Google Adsense for the month of November, My average daily earnings was $213 with some days peaking at $400. I've been doing well with InfoLinks but nothing like what happened last month. Back in July I made a post called “Infolinks vs Vibrant Media, Which Pays More!” where I compared the 2 and InfoLinks won. The months that followed definitely supported my statement with InfoLinks averaging $2000 per month.
It's funny because last year I was ready to quit on in-text-advertising as reliable income source, after my year long experience with Kontera which sucked. Well It's safe to say I made the right decision sticking with it for a while because it has paid off.

My earnings for the month was almost $6500 plus InfoLinks gave me a $200 reward for being the website of the month ( Check out the screenshot below.

Oh yeah I just received a check from Vibrant Media, it was $107….SMH!
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7 thoughts on “InfoLinks Names My Site "Website Of The Month," And Made Almost $7,000 in November

  1. Jayce Reply

    Haha… Mine is other way round. Vibrant is getting better while Infolinks earning is dropping… 😉

  2. Michael Reply

    What "content category" did you use when you setup infolinks on your hiphop site to make so much? Did you use the max allowed infolinks per page? Congrats on some incredible earnings man!

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