Understanding Consumer Behavior & How To Influence Their Purchase Decisions

Many of you that are selling something online are most likely selling it to the millennial generation, your getting a ton traffic to your website but it's not directly resulting in more sales.
Why is that?
Well today's consumer is a new breed, we millennials don't watch TV but we love reality TV shows, we pay for cable but watch NetFlix 90% of the time, we love to buy things but don't want be sold anything. We don't trust old media news and value social proof over everything else, we rather text than to talk on the phone, the only reason we still use Facebook is because of Instagram.
We're a complicated and cynical bunch, and yet we're spending billions of dollars yearly.
The infographic below breaks down exactly what influences us the most and provides you with the data on how you can influence the purchasing decision of the consumer.
Spotted on Quick Sprout.
How to Influence Purchasing Decisions