How To Get Email Subscribers 80% Faster

Email Marketing. Magnifying Glass on Old Paper.Email marketing and getting email subscribers continues to be more and more important as webmasters realize that it's getting harder and harder to get traffic from social media and search engines.
One thing that continues to yield the best results for getting more traffic and sales is email marketing.
People are aware of this but the problem they're having when it comes to email marketing is how to get email subscribers.
My 2 most successful email marketing campaigns happened with my sites (20,000+ subscribers) and (50,000+ subscribers).

How To Get Email Subscribers

They're 3 things that contributed to these successful email marketing campaigns.
Optin Popup Forms, Landing Pages and Incentives.

1. Optin Popup Forms

These come in all shapes and sizes, I'm pretty sure you've ran into one of these at some point visiting one of your favorite websites or blogs. You might not think much of it but those pesky little popup forms work life gang busters (still don't know what that means).
The quite a few tools services out there that do this very well like PopUp Domination, Pippity and Padiact. They're are also some free ways to setting up popup forms but requires more HTML, CSS, and Javascript savvy on your part.

2. Landing Pages

Landing are probably the second most effective way to capture leads, some would even argue that it's the best way. All I know everyone is using this from one man shops to major corporations, it just works…Period.
I put together a whole list of the best landing page services and tools available on the web today.

3. Incentives

Remember what I said about contest marketing? People love free sh*t, they really do.
So if you have free stuff to give away let your visitors pay with their email address.
Cool tools like Subscribe to Unlock are really good for that, or you can go old school and have them confirm their email and then have whatever email marketing tool your using to send them the free content after they've been addd to your list.
You should find a way to implement all three of these lead generation methods into your marketing efforts, you'll most certainly get positive results.
If you can manage to get email marketing right, you can screw up everything else and still be successful.
Thanks for reading.