I'm Baaaaack! Sorry But I was Busy Making Money and Getting My Business Together

I know I haven't updated this site since December 17th 2009 and I'm sorry but at the time I really wasn't equipped to help others make money with there website because I was so preoccupied with running my own sites, and official launching my business Covanant Network.
Since the year started I've been doing my internet business full time, and it's been pretty good, I've launched two new sites one is a video site and the other is a membership website both of which I can say had successful launches. Below is run down of how my sites have been doing.
First of all let me address my original site HipHopMusicDotCom.com, this site has sure become quite the blog going from a ugly blogspot blog to now averaging over 2,000,000 page views monthly. Yesterday I did 33,000 unique visitors and almost broke 100,000 pageviews and the traffic isn't showing any sign of slowing down. Even though the traffic is crazy that really isn't where the success is with the website. The real success is the two new revenue streams I've able to create for the website, originally most of my earnings came from Google Adsense, InfoLinks and Adbrite but now I've been making money with selling direct ads and video ads.

If you have video content and haven't incorporated video ads yet into your site, you need to because the payout is far more lucrative that contextual based ads. So far I've been working with LongTailVideo Adsolution and ScanScout, I'm going to be writing a post that covers video advertising, video ad networks and pretty much everything else you need to know regarding making money with video ads.
The second revenue stream I've unlocked on HipHopMusicDotCom.com is direct advertising, since this year started I've been getting quite a few advertising offers. With the help a little Ad Manager plugin called OIO Publisher which I use to manage all my direct ad sales, I don't think I'd be able to handle direct ad sales efficiently without it and you can expect to see a post about that coming soon.
Between those two new revenue streams and my existing ones I've been able to double my monthly earnings and I needed it since I'm on more expensive servers now.
As far as Music Video Cast is concerned, I haven't updated since the year started and will never update ever again not since I've launched ComeWatchMe.com in January of this year. Music Video Cast will be deprecated and all the posts will be moved to ComeWatchMe.com after running MusicVideoCast.com for almost 3 years I think it's safe to say it's reach it's limit as far as growth potential. It had a few big moments in it's life span but I just couldn't take it to the next level the way I did with HipHopMusicDotCom.com one of the reasons being that it's just about music videos which is a very small niche with allot of other sites people would rather go to. I did manage to get it to the top of the second page of Google for “Music Videos” which brought it allot a traffic and continues to but that's the past and ComeWatchMe.com is the future.
ComeWatchMe.com was lunched on January 15th and since then it has been doing very well, in only 4 months it's doubled the traffic that Music Video Cast receives. In about 3 years video ads will be everywhere this will be a multi billion dollar industry so I'm gearing up and preparing for that growth from now. Video ads will be in 2013 what Google Adsense was in 2003 and just like Adsense it's the niche sites that are going to really benefit from this market, instead of trying to be the next YouTube people should focus on building niche on demand video sites. This is what I'm doing with ComeWatchMe.com at the moment, I'm focusing on video ads on the site currently but there is one contextual banner ad on the site but the focus is video ads and it's already showing good numbers. I expect big this from this site in the future.
The other site I launched was MixTapes.TV at the end of March, this site has been something I wanted to start two years ago but didn't have the tools or money to do it until now. The original name was MixtapeCast.com to match MusicVideoCast.com then I changed it to MixtapePlayer.com which was a great name until the end of last year I saw MixTapes.TV for sale on Sedo, I won it in a auction for $150.00 which is a steal for a top level domain, with this name combined with my SEO and Social Media skills I guarantee you I'll be number one in Google for the search term “mixtapes” by September. It's a subscription based (my first one) site built around the very popular niche of “mixtapes”. The launch was pretty crazy so crazy that I ended up moving to a new server because it just couldn't handle the traffic. In one month I've already had 3,300 sign ups, I was on the second page of Yahoo for “mixtapes” in less than 2 weeks, 70,000 unique visitors, 160,000 pageviews and 200,000 media streams. Currently this site is my main priority and I'm working very hard to make it profitable before the summer is over.
I also officially have my company name now which is called “Covanant” not to mistaken with Covenant though they have a similar meaning, Covanant stands for a “Solemn Promise To Excel In Business”, yeah I invented (patent pending). I'm going to be launching that site soon. The logo is below..

That's pretty much what I've been up yo since the year started, which is why I haven't been able to update this site as much as I would like but I'll promise that from this point I will try my best to do at least one post per day. After all I do plan one day to turn this site into big business as well.
That's it for now, later………….