How To Make Money With Facebook Ads, The Guide To Read

Now I don't mean to brag but I'm quite the expert when it comes to getting traffic from Facebook for free, and I've been doing it for a very long time. The thing about free traffic from Facebook “Like” pages, groups and profiles is that in most cases it doesn't convert very well into sales, but if you invest the time it does and can be great if you work at it and tweak it just right. But this could take months and on the internet a couple months for a business is a life time.
I'm not talking about making money on Facebook in a couple months here I'm talking about making money on Facebook tomorrow. You can't do that with free traffic and that's where Facebook ads come in.

A few things you might not know about Facebook.

  1. Facebook is the most visited site in the US.
  2. It now gets more traffic than Google.
  3. It cost ten times less than Google Adwords.
  4. You don't need a website to advertise on Facebook.

Super Affiliate Jonathan Volk just recently wrote a very intuitive but easy to read Facebook advertising guide that shows you step by step how to advertise effectively on Facebook and save hours of mistakes and thousands of dollars. Jonathan Volk is not some newbie to Internet Marketing, he's been doing it for years and what's in the guide are the same techniques he used to pull in $1,107,623 just from Facebook.
I just recently started advertising my new membership site on Facebook and I must say the ads work so much better than the free traffic I've been receiving from the “Like” pages. But there is a learning curve to using it. I'll have a post up soon showing some of my first month stats and sales using Facebook, many of the techniques which are covered in the guide.
He just released the guide to the public and he's having a early bird special.
Check it out
Peace out….Chozen