How to Get Traffic To Your Website From Twitter

twitterThey are so many people out there that just don't like Twitter for different reasons, some may argue that they don't feel the need to let everyone know every single mundane activity there performing. Others will say it's too simple and something like that won't last very long. When the truth is that the power is in it's simplicity, 90 percent of the world prefer things to be simple this is why Twitter works and why it's growing at such a fast rate. Just imagine having 10,000 plus followers you can send to any product or service.
Most Marketers, Bloggers, Media/News companies and Businesses have already realized the advantages of using Twitter help build their brand. I just implemented Twitter on my music blog this month and I'm averaging 30 to 40 followers daily, We are now half way through the month and I've already received 1500 visits from Twitter and that's with just over a 100 followers.So how do you get traffic from Twitter to your website or blog?
1.The first step of course is to get a twitter account.
Be sure to invite all your contacts this will get you instant followers.
2.Add Twitter to your website.
This is how you will receive most of your long term traffic, be sure to make is easy for your website visitors and blog readers to post your content to Twitter. There is a service called TwitThis that makes it very easy for bloggers to add Twitter functionality to their site. It gives visitors to your site the ability to easily post your content to Twitter similar to how the Digg This feature for works, this is called a Retweet . Every time some one Retweets your content it will be displayed on your site showing the number of Retweets your post has received. There are quiet a few tools available that allow you to integrate your site with Twitter but TwitThis is the most popular and one of the simplest ways to get it done.
3.Tweet about Everything.
Now some may say to only Tweet about the most interesting content or posts on your website but from my experience I receive more visitors from Twitter when I tweet all my posts, of course this will not increase the amount of retweets you receive. In most cases you never know which posts will get retweets being that what you think is valuable content your followers might not.
4.Make sure your site is Mobile Ready
Something most people forget is that Twitter was originally made for the Mobile community and allot of the visitors you'll receive to your site will be from cell phones and other mobile devices. By making your website mobile ready you will be able to monetize that traffic by serving mobile ads.
5. Follow other Twitter Users With Related Content
Try to find as much Twitter users as possible that have similar content to yours, the more you follow other Twitter users the more authority followers you'll receive in return and will evidently gain you more website visitors. For instance if some with over 10,000 + followers retweets one of your posts this could lead to a chain reaction of retweets that will undoubtedly drive more traffic to your site. Apart from getting more followers and visitors you now have a new content source, if your following hundreds or even thousands of twitter users with content related to your own, your will always have fresh content and new ideas for your site.
6.Create Semantic Content
Calls to action (as in: “please ReTweet”), while they might sound cheesy, it works very well to get ReTweets. Making lists always works great, the longer the list the better but not in every case but in most. More importantly the quality of the list is your best bet to gain more retweets. Offering free stuff is always good, writing something about Twitter works very well too I've seen even negative references to Twitter receive tons of retweets. Blog posts of course receive allot of retweets. Timely content (content with short relevancy span) such as News often receive the most retweets for the simple fact that News spreads faster than any other type of content.
The concept of Twitter is almost a no brainier and done right this could quickly become a major traffic source to your site. The site is still in it's infancy stage and is growing rapidly if you have not implemented it yet into your blogging and marketing efforts you should get that done as soon as possible.