How To Get Backlinks and Traffic at The Same Time To Your Site

They're two ways I've been getting both traffic and backlinks to my website, one is with the use of SEO Link Monster and the other is BlogGlue – in this post I'll be talking about BlogGlue and how it has increased backlinks and traffic to my site simultaneously.
If your a blogger this is definitely a service you should check out, for one it's free and two it's completely automated. I came across BlogGlue through using the popular WordPress plugin YARPP WordPress plugin.
Basically what the service does allow you to network with other bloggers, from around the web. Bloggers join each others' networks and their blog posts get syndicated to other blogs throughout the bloggers' blogs within your network.
BlogGlue doesn't just randomly rotate blog posts to your blog, they find the best blog posts that's most related to your blog posts. This increases traffic to your site, I've been using the free service on SiteBuilderTips for about a month now an it's been really helpful, below is a screenshot of the BlogGlue stats dashboard.

BlogGlue is more than a related post syndication service, it's a all a great SEO tool that's gives you helpful advice on how well each of your posts are optimized for search engines. Below is a screenshot of how it scores each of your posts.

Along with giving you SEO advice, it also helps you with Social Media Marketing, by allowing you to automate your link and traffic building with the help of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. (Screenshot Below)

They're a few services like BlogGlue but not as effective, their network is filled with active bloggers and is growing on a daily basis. It's free, so you have nothing to loose by giving the service a shot and if you find it useful you can really send things into overdrive by upgrading to their premium service. It allows you to Use BlogGlue with multiple blogs and to syndicate up to 5,000 Blog posts which will result in 5,000 + backlinks and most importantly more traffic.
I highly recommend this service..
Check out BlogGlue.