How To Get 600 Likes a Week On Your Facebook Page

For those who've been reading this blog for a while, you already know I do my thing when it comes to marketing on Facebook. I can get pretty much get anybody to like anything on Facebook, except for one of my websites which is – for the life of me I just couldn't get the likes to increase on the Come Watch Me Facebook page, the same way I've done with and
The Facebook page is almost 3 years old and upon until last month it only had 1500 likes, I did all the same steps I've done before with my other pages such as adding a like box to my site, marketing it on Facebook, and running contests but the page simple wouldn't take off. Basically is the only site I had that wasn't getting traffic from Social Media, just Google search.
All that changed a week ago with the help of a little tool that I came across called Facebook Traffic Pop, but before I talk about that – let me show you the previous 3 weeks in February before I implemented this tool.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4 (Look at the improvement)

Do you see the difference? That's almost a 500% increase in new “likes” within one week, it's pretty cool. As you can see in the snapshot below Come Watch Me even out performed both Hip Hop Music Dot Com and Mixtapes.TV which both get 10 times more traffic than Come Watch Me.

So What's The Tool?

Facebook Traffic Pop is a little WordPress plugin I stumbled across on CodeCanyon, this little plugin has change the course of in 1 week and has almost doubled the traffic. The concept isn't new, it's basically a pop-up jquery box that appears when a user visits your website, similar to those pop-up boxes that show up when you want get someone to subscribe to a newsletter.
It basically asks the visitor to like your Facebook fan page before they can view your page or wait for a certain time period which you can set.
They are a bunch of different features to customize the plugin but what worked for me the best is the following:

  • Set the time to 25 seconds, this time limit was most effective for me.
  • Do not give them a close button, this way they can't exit out.
  • Set it so that the pop-up keeps coming back until they finally like your page, this one depends on how much you want inconvenience your visitors verses how you want to increase your Facebook page “likes” – for the first week I didn't give them an option they either had to like my page or they couldn't view the content. This worked very well, but I've changed this to only show to popup once every week now – the likes have slowed down but still 10x better than before I started using the plugin.

I did that because some visitors won't have Facebook accounts, but it's a small number. Keep in mind 1 in every 9 people in the world have a Facebook account and 1 in every 7 minutes spent online is accounted to Facebook, which means at least 50% of the people who visit your site will be a Facebook user.
Keep those statistics in mind when using this tool.
Facebook Traffic Pop doesn't only work with WordPress, there is also a Standalone version which can work on any site.
Check out Facebook Pop for WordPress or Facebook Traffic Pop for any other website.
Thanks for reading…