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Back in 2009 I wrote about In-Image Advertising company called (now called ImageSpaceMedia), It was my first time working with a In-Image adverting network. I was apart of the beta testing stage and the earnings were shitty to say the least, of course they were a new company so I gave them a chance and let the ads linger on my site ( for about 7 months since it didn't affect my other income streams or my traffic.
I eventually ended up removing them from the site because the payments were so insufficient that it didn't make sense to even keep them on my site. A year later they contacted me and asked me to give them another shot, now they had a new name “ImageSpaceMedia” and new platform and said the payouts were much better now. Indeed the payments were better but since the original service was so horrible, better than that just meant that it was now just mediocre. Below is a screenshot of my earnings “in total” that I made with the so called new and improved platform.

So over the space of a year and 3 months, all I have to show for my 2,810,301 impressions and 3,065 clicks is $190.29. That's ridiculous, how are these guys even in business? I laid the platform to rest a month ago and I'm never working with them again. I make $190.29 per day just with InfoLinks so for me to work with these guys would be a step backwards, it's just a waste of time.
This now brings us to claims they are the leaders of In-Image Advertising and with their client list they just might be, clients include sites like InternetBrands, TMZ, Glam and AskMen. They contacted me about a month ago and wanted me to become a publisher, of course I was skeptical and was just about over In-Image advertising and it being a reliable income source. We spoke about ImageSpaceMedia and GumGum assured me that they would pay better. It's only been a month but I've already received payment from them, as soon as the month is done they pay you for that month which is cool. It was only $111 which is chump change but measuring it by ImageSpaceMedia standards I'm rich right now.
There reporting isn't bad and the payout is about $ 4 dollars per day, no big deal but hey – I remember a time when I use to get $300 monthly payments from InfoLinks and look at me now. The one thing that ImageSpaceMedia has over them though is that ImageSpaceMedia had image reporting that showed what images were generating the most money, and they had a very useful option that enabled users to choose what images they didn't want to display ads on. I'll give these guys the benefit of the doubt and see what happens in the coming months. In-Image advertising still pays like crap but at least GumGum pays just enough to make me stick around to see what happens, the benefit of this type of monetization is that it doesn't affect your other income sources – you know the real money makers.
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