Google Adsense Mobile Doubled My Earnings, Time To Get Mobile Ready

Google Adsense mobile doubled my earnings, should have implemented it a long time ago. I ignored mobile for quite some time,because I didn't feel it was necessary since the traffic was so minimal. Well guess what? That's no longer the case, mobile isn't coming…..It's already here.
If you've been running a website for more than 2 years and you've been using Google Adsense as a revenue stream then there's 2 things your experiencing right now if your site isn't yet mobile ready.

  1. Your adsense earnings aren't as high as they use to be, when you match it with your current traffic from today versus 2 years ago.
  2. Your bounce rate is very high, when visitors come to your site from a mobile device, 60% of them will leave if your site isn't mobile ready.

About a month ago I finally got around to optimizing my site for mobile and tablet devices, I created a web app experience and everything. I didn't think anything of it, I designed this theme added some Google adsense mobile code, and said OK the mobile stuff is out of the way.
In my adsense account I created a channel to specifically track mobile earnings, a couple days later I logged in just to see what my earnings were as I usually do – I was shocked to see a almost 50% bump in earnings.
I quickly fired up my Google Analytics account to see if I had gotten serge in traffic the past couple days, but nope….not at all, the traffic was just about the same.
That's when I noticed my iHipHopMusic (Mobile) adsense channel was at the top of the list, out performing desktop ads.
You see ads mobile are not only getting a better CTR (Click through Rate), they are also paying more – which is due to the fact that mobile is still very new so there isn't a truly solid measurement of just how valuable mobile advertising is just yet.
This results in higher earnings, but not always.
If your running a website, I assume your using a service like Google Analytics, Woopra, or StatCounter to track your website traffic. They're all capable of tracking mobile traffic and can tell you what percentage of your visitors are coming from mobile devices and what type of mobile device (i.e. Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablet etc.)
A rule of thumb you should follow is if your mobile traffic is over 5%, you should be monetizing that traffic or else your just leaving money on the table. By optimizing your site for mobile, your bounce rates will go down and the time spent 0n your site will go up.

Jason Falls from Social Media Explorer writes that having a mobile site brings you more traffic and I agree. Google is using allot of different factors these days to determine the rankings of a site – it's not far fetched to think that Google might start giving higher rankings to sites that are mobile ready, since it would result in a better end user experience.
Which is what matters.
Whether or not that will be the case, here's the reality of what's happening right now, mobile is growing faster than what was originally calculated you need to be prepared.
Google Adsense mobile is just the beginning, they're quite a few mobile ad companies out there that are paying very well, some more than Google.
If your a WordPress user then you have a couple options, from plugins, to responsive themes. If you have a website powered by another platform I recommend checking out Dudamobile.
It's time to start paying attention to your mobile business.