As Far as Design Goes, The New Apple "Watch" Is Ugly

Now hold on! Before you start rolling your eyes and write me off as some Apple hater, just so we're clear. I love Apple, love my iPad, Mac Book and I'll probably never switch from being an iPhone user even though I know it's not the best phone out there. I love the phone, I know where everything is and it always works as expected. Oh and I also own Apple stocks so them doing well is in my best interest.
That's all good and well but that's not what we're dealing with when it comes to the wearable tech trend, it doesn't matter it matter if it works as expected.

It's All About The Look

Google Glass is a awesome peace of technology but it just looks corny, and so does most of the wearable tech out there. No one wants to be corny, at least not on purpose. That's exactly what wearable tech is doing at the moment, it's making us look corny on purpose.
I'm surprised that Apple of all companies didn't get this right. The arrival of the iWatch is nothing new; in fact pretty much everyone saw this coming but we expected Apple to be the cool kids in this arena but that isn't the case.
I'm sure they're going to do well, this is Apple we're talking about after all. The loyals will flock to this product but lets be honest, this is a ugly *ss  watch. Especially if your a watch person.

Like I said before this isn't new, 4 years ago LunaTik had already created a better looking product that turn the then iPod Nano into a wearable tech gadget. Take a look at some of their examples in comparison to the iWatch.

Doesn't the LunaTik look much better? Maybe this is just a personal preference on my part but just from I'm seeing at this event, I think I'm going to pass on the iWatch, the iPhone 6 however is another story. I'm definitely getting that.