Building A Online Store With Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo Small BusinessYahoo Merchant Solutions is a all in one web hosting solution for small business owners. There affordable web hosting packages are packed with many features, such as built in credit card processor, shopping cart, forum, members area, affiliate program etc. It puts together dozen of tools needed to run a successful e-business.



  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited transfer
  • Photo, audio, and video galleries
  • Use yahoo design tools or your own editing tools. FrontPage, Dreamweaver)
  • Use your own designs or pre-made yahoo store designs.
  • Experts available to build the a site for you.
  • Sell up 50,000 products in your yahoo store.
  • Accurate inventory tracking that alerts you when you need to reorder.
  • Checkout pages can be designed to match the rest of your website’s theme.
  • The option of multi page or single page checkout to increase sales.
  • Create custom fields to collect relevant information from your customers.
  • A reliable hosting platform.
  • Marketing tools to help you with marketing your products.
  • Easily authorize orders, issue refunds and print shipping labels.
  • Choose any shipping provider and customize rates and fees to fit your needs.


  1. 60 days of store setup consulting at no extra charge.
  2. 24-7 tool free phone technical support.
  3. Helpful extensive guides, tutorials and online help is available.
  4. Advance website security encryption.
  5. Ability to easily integrate PayPal into your shopping cart.
  6. Track sales and more with 40 reports that gives you a 360 degree view of your business.

Webmaster Review:

Ok, there are two feedback that I’ve seen on the internet regarding Yahoo Merchant solutions, and that is either they hate it or they love it. There is no middle ground with this product, my review is probably the only middle ground that you will probably find on the internet.

My experience with Yahoo Merchant Solutions was a good one, I created it to sell video game consoles and accessories. I had no real inventory since everything was shipped from a drop shipper, I was able track all my inventory and sales through Yahoo’s product tracking interface and with over 40 reports you can do far more than that.

I was doing over $10,000 /mo in sales after expenses, which is nothing compared to other yahoo store owners. I accepted all my payments through PayPal which was completely integrated into the yahoo store via the shopping cart. I’ve since then sold the business and the new owner continues to use Yahoo Merchant Solutions to host the store.

If you don’t think my figures are impressive, then maybe you can take a look at another Yahoo Small Business customer, who has been using Yahoo stores for over 5 years. His name is Brad Fallen and his website is called He is ranked number 3 in Google for the search term “wedding favors”, which is searched for in Google for over 800,000 times a month. He brings in over $500,000/mo which makes my $10,000/mo look like nothing, He has a inventory of over 5000 products all of which is track, handled and manged using Yahoo Small Business solutions.

The bottom line is if you’re a small business owner with a offline business and your looking to make a smooth transition and create an online presence then Yahoo Merchant Solutions is a great choice.

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Please note that Yahoo Web Hosting is great for hosting Eccommerce websites. Blogs, CMS and other scripts are a completely different story.

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  • Hey there dude, I'm looking for the information about logo design. Your website is very good regarding this topic. Would you mind telling me more about how you make this? Thanks a lot.
  • 1st off... Yahoo site build has to be buy far THE WORST WEBSITE BUILDER EVER MADE. 2nd... If you call yourself a web developer, webmaster or any other term and you rely on a site builder than on behalf of all the REAL professional programmers and developers - your titles have been revoked. You are actually a basic computer user who has been scammed into using a poorly developed product. I feel sorry for the gullible morons who use this kind of trash. Especially those who use yahoo?!? - A real webmaster, web developer, programmer.
  • I am one of those gullible morons and am suffering badly because I developed a website for 1 full year using Yahoo!'s sitebuilder, and now am unable to upload files from sitebuilder to their web hosting server. All my efforts including uninstalling and reinstalling sitebuilder have failed. (Needless to say customer service representatives from Yahoo! haved proved useless). Now I am migrating to Dreamweaver. But I fear that updating my existing website will be a daunting task.