Article Writing Services 101: Guide to Content Marketing Services

In The World Of Article Writing Services, Not All Are Created Equally

OK so you're a shitty writer, we get it!
You wrote an article once in hopes of promoting your business and deleted it because of how much it sucked, then you figured – why not use article writing services.
You sign up to the usual suspects in the “Article Marketing” world only to realize that these so called “article writing” experts are even worst writers than you are.
After reading their gibberish you found yourself wondering if these people are illiterate or in the 3rd grade.

Do Yourself A Favor, STOP Googling “article writing services”…Please!

That's probably how you got here and I'm grateful, but before you made it here….You ran into those guys, Uh-huh those guys.
You know who those guys are, the ones selling that SEO crack on Google Street, off of the Spam Express way. Headlines that scream “Expert SEO Writing,” “Article Spinning,” “Article Distribution” blah blah blah. The moment someone says SEO Writing, that means they're writing for search engines not people. You should run away when you see that, you either write for real people or shoot yourself in the face which is exactly what your doing trying to cater to search engines.
I'm not saying don't do SEO with the help of article writing services, I'm saying you should first define (better yet re-define) what SEO means. Once you've done that then your going to find your self googling terms like “professional copy writers” and “copy writing services.” You'll be hard press to find any SEO crack dealers on that street.

Unless It's a Stripper “Spinning” Her Sweet Booty around A Strip Pole…I Don't Want It.

Article spinning….Please, make it stop!
Oh, I get it.
The year is 2087, my grand kids just bought their first home on the planet Google Mars (you know, because Google buys everything), augmented reality is now old school, and prostitutes are actual cyborgs that make you dinner while giving you a blowy. Oh and all you have to do is tell a software about a topic you want written and it will spit out the most profound peace of literature you've ever read.
Oh that's right, it's not 2087, software can't actually write anything that's personal, witty, clever or professional.
Can you imagine some article spinning software trying to re-write this article your reading right now? Get the F*ck out of here!
If your intention is to stuff some website you don't care about with useless grammatically incorrect content, then spin that sh*t yow! But if this is something linked to a real business with an intention to drive real traffic people to your product or service, stay away from anything trying to sell you on spinning, leave that to those “internet marketing” douche bags.
The only way I'd recommend article spinning is if those spun articles get proof read by a real person which just seems counter productive to me.
Besides there is no software that can maintain coherent readable content, while making it unique to a point where Google doesn't see it as duplicate content.
The services that I'm about to mention aren't cheap (not dirt bag cheap at-least), but their not super expensive either. Some I've used, some I haven't had a chance to try yet.
It's not a long so your R&D will be pleasant.

The Best Article Writing Services

1. WriterAccess

These guys aren't new to the content marketing space, their content marketplace created by IdeaLaunch connects customers directly with expert writers. You can view a writers profile, what their good at writing, contact them etc. Think social network but for writers. These are real people.
They have the type of article writing quality that you'd want to use on your own website, and if the content is good enough for your website, then it's most certainly good enough for submitting to article directories, as long as it's one unique article per directory….Remember that.
They have a full API that you can integrate with your own applications such as your a blog or CMS.


2. iWriter

This service is a few steps behind WriterAccess, and here's why. It was created by a Internet Marketer and thus attracts those kinds of people. That being said, that internet marketing is Brad Callen, a guy who has had a long standing reputation in the Internet Marketing realm for creating great products and services. Two of which are the legendary SEO Elite and Keyword Elite software.
I've had over 72 articles written by this service thus far, and I've built an entire website with those articles.
It's expected that the writers on iWriter would know allot about Marketing, SEO and so forth, as far other other topics are concerened, I can't speak on because all my articles were marketing based so you'll need to do your own due diligence there.
They're also not as feature filled as Writer Access, so no API, no elaborate writer profile just a writer's overall rating.

3. TextBroker not to be mistaken with is service that's similar to iWriter but with a bigger variety of writers that can cover many different topics. I know a few big time websites that have used this service to source content for their main site.
The back-end process for TextBroker is very similar to iWriter, You choose your minimum and maximum word count, you don't pay extra if the writer goes over the max which is known to happen. You choose keywords or headlines that you want your content to be about, then you describe what specifications you require for your articles.

4. ContentDevelopmentPros

I've never personally used ContentDevelopmentPros for any of my article writing needs but I have heard good things about them, they cover many different topics such as Real Estate, Finance, Technology, Photography, Music, and more.
They don't just do articles, they also offer Press Release and E-Book writing services.
Do you due diligence.

5. ContentProz

Just like Content Development Pros, I haven't personally used ContentProz.
They are not exclusively a article writing service, they provide a long list of services for content marketing so if your looking for a All-in-One – you should check them out.

6. Scripted

Now we arrive at the big guy on campus, remember when I said these services aren't cheap? I was mainly referring to these guys. Before you go any further, just so we're clear this service is not for the little guys. If your goal is to have enterprise level, college graduate, journalist ready content written for your main site, this is where you'll find it.
Scripted was launched as a subsidiary of a screenwriting software company. Scripped officially changed its name to Scripted in November of 2011.
If you follow the tech industry at all, then you probably already know about this service, it's one of those Silicon Valley, Venture Capitalists born companies.
This service has been covered by the who's who of media, such as TechCrunch, CNNMoney and NPR.
When you submit an article to these guys don't expect to get it back in a few hours, no it's not that type of service, prepare to wait a few days (3 minimum). Why? Because they're going to do a ton of research first before writing a single word, the way a journalist would.
By the time their done, they'll be experts on the topic.
They boast over 80,000 writers, allot of which are actual screenwriters that write scripts for plays, movies etc. They claim they get a new writer every 25 minutes.
They don't just write your content, they also create Tweets, Facebook posts and Press Releases.
If you want the best of the best and you can afford it, I highly recommend these guys.
A few things that set these companies apart from any other on the web, with the exception of iWriter, they all have a phone number you can call and speak directly with someone. iWriter has great help desk support though. You get to review the article before you accepts it or pay.
This is why services like these are better suited than lets say oDesk or Elance, these services were built specifically for content creation and are thus are more effective.
This list should be all you need for your content marketing needs.
Thanks for reading….