10 WordPress Affialite Plugins Worth Checking Out

With the constant rise in popularity of WordPress as the go to solution for building blogs and websites, more and more affiliate marketers are using WordPress to build there affiliate sites. This creates a demand for more plugins that caters to a affiliate marketer's needs. If your familiar with WordPress then you should know that an abundance of plugins for virtually anything you want to do.
There are quite a few affiliate related plugins for WordPress, allot of which are crap but there are some that are worth taking a look at. Below is a list of some of the better affiliate plugins available for WordPress, some are free and some are not so free.
Affiliate Marketing Green Blue Banner
MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate:This is a plugin I use personally for this blog as well as my music site Music Video Cast for my ringtone affiliate campaign. The Ninga Affiliate plugin enables you to manage all your affiliate links very easily, you can hide your affiliate links to avoid your affiliate commissions from being stolen, track the amount of clicks each link gets, create groups for each affiliate link to track multiple campaigns for the same affiliate link plus a ton of other features. Below is a early screen shot of the MaxBlogPress Ninga Affiliate plugin in action on this site.

Screenshot of Ninga Affiliate for WebsiteBuilder360.com

WP-Marketer:This is a powerful suite of tools that extend the WordPress platform, enabling you to manage and track all of your online marketing and advertising efforts directly from your WordPress admin panel. Manage all of your affiliate links and conversions without having to use multiple tools to set up ads in posts and landing pages, manage your inventory and track results. Now you can manage your online marketing with greater control and ease of use than ever before.
WP Affiliate Pro:This plugin and has pretty much the same feature sets as the Ninga Affiliate plugin, such as link masking and cloaking, automatically insert affiliate links into specific keywords in your blog posts plus much more.
Affiliate Manager:The Affiliate Manager plugin for WordPress allows you to easily import Market Leverage ad banner campaigns, you can display them and rotate them as you see fit. Create keywords related to your blog topic andautomatically load the banner campaigns into WordPress with a just a few clicks, Affiliate Manager is not the appropriate name for the plugin since it only works specifically with the Market Leverage affiliate network. It should have been called Worpdress Market Leverage plugin, but hey what do I know…
Simple Link Cloaker:The title says it all, unlike other affiliate plugins that offer tons of feature that you might not necessarily need, Simple Link Cloaker does one thing only and does it well and that cloak links, if you don't need fancy tracking and CTR stats, this plugin's for you.
LinkShare Link Lookup:LinkShare Link Lookup is designed to make it easy for you to integrate commission-earning LinkShare links in your posts, right from the actual write post page! Once you're set-up, simply click the red arrows on the top right of the posting page and start earning today.
There are two primary uses for Link Lookup:
1) Deep linking – enter a URL from an Advertiser site and hyperlink some text in your post with a LinkShare link to that page
2) Search for Advertiser product links and embed in your post
ClickBank Hop Ad:This plugin allows you to display click banks ads in the form of text links via a configurable widget. Think of it as Adsense for but for ClickBank.
iTunes Affiliate Link Maker:If your a music blogger then this is a great plugin for you, since I'm in the music space I know how often music bloggers do album reviews or post links to albums or tracks on iTunes without even know they could be getting paid for there efforts. The iTunes Affiliate Link Maker (iTALM for short) plugin adds a iTunes button to the “write post” page in WordPress, when you click the button it brings up a search option that allows you to search the iTunes store and allows you to link directly to albums and tracks.
iTALM also keeps track of recently clicked links and offers them up for clicking prior to searching, your links are also cloaked to those commission stealing shit heads from doing what they do best plus scraper sites and content thieves will scoop up your links and promote your links for you. (You must have an account with LinkShare affiliate network in order to receive commission from iTunes).



Link Share Commissions from iTunes

Amazon Product Ads:A multi-instance WP widget that displays Amazon UK/US Self Optimizing Ads or if a post contains a custom field ASIN or ISBN it will display an ad for that specific product.
To use it simply drop the widget into one (or more) of your sidebars and you're good to go.
DataFeedr.com: DataFeedr is a cross between a web service and a WordPress plugin, DataFeedr allows you to automatically generate WordPress powered affiliate stores with thousands of products pulled from hundreds of affiliate networks. The stores can math any WordPress theme without you touching a bit of Code/HTML.