43 WordPress Slider Plugins, The Ultimate Collection

WordPress Slider Plugin Collection
Remember back in 2005 when WordPress was just starting to get popular? A WordPress slider plugin wasn't even an after thought back then, fast forward to around 2007 and the revolutionary WordPress “Magazine” theme was introduced,and long which came the “Slider.”
Everything changed after that, everyone was looking for a slider for their WordPress site. There were no WordPress slider plugins back then, at least none that were good and the sliders you could find were built into premium themes, so you'd have to end settling for some sort of Flash based image rotator.
Fast forward to now, the world of WordPress Slider plugins have evolved tremendously. You only need but to look at the home page of this site to see a really cool slider. I have gathered a list of the best sliders available on the web for WordPress, both free and paid. The list was originally 50 but I left out the ones that hadn't been updated in the past 2 years.

Our WordPress Slider Plugin Collection

I'm a slider junkie so I've used quite few on this list, I'll go into details about them, the rest I'll just provide general info about.

1. SlideDeck WordPress Slider & Gallery Plugin

Lets start off with the slider of all sliders, the big bad SlideDeck, this was one of the first premium slider plugins that really started to push the envelop on features and doing innovative stuff. You can do things like create sliders from multiple sources like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more, you would have never thought you needed a feature like that until you saw that it existed. They have an API for those of you who are code savvy, but you don't even need to be a designer at all to create beautiful theme based sliders.
When it was first released it was really pricey but now $49 can get you a full featured SlideDeck.
It's definitely worth it if you want your slider to standout.
Visit SlideDeck

2. Slider PRO – WordPress Premium Slider Plugin

I purchased SliderPro about a month ago because I was building a Apps review website that had a responsive design and wanted a slider that was responsive, not that SlideDeck wasn't capable of doing it but I wanted this Slider's particular look and feel. It's easy to setup and has a Featured Post Content slider feature, and the creator also offers great support.
In terms of features, it's the most capable slider second maybe to only SlideDeck.
Visit Slider Pro // Demo

3. WordPress Content Slide Plugin

A cool free image slider, that does both featured posts, as well as custom images. Comes with a couple transitions like Swirl,Rain, and Fade.
Visit WordPress Content Slide Plugin // Demo

4. Front Slider

Free Slider offering Featured Posts feature with the ability to choose a specific image to display.
Visit Front Slider // Demo

5. EasyRotator for WordPress

No need to really speak on this one, the video already does that.
Visit EasyRotator

6. Featured Content Gallery Plugin

The Featured Content Gallery plugin is one of the original sliders, available for free. It's been around 5+ years now and has been apart of countless themes.  It's a solid slider but was never updated to be responsive so if that's something you require then this isn't the right choice.
Visit Featured Content Gallery

7. WP Slideshow Gallery

I really like the Slideshow Gallery, I use it on Mixtapes. Unfortunately just like the Featured Content Gallery plugin it's not built to be responsive but with a little CSS work you could achieve responsiveness and make it look nice in mobile browsers.
Visit WP Slideshow Gallery

8. Nivo Slider For WordPress

The Nivo Slider plugin was built around the popular Nivo jQuery Slider by 7 studios. It's one of the most widely used sliders in Premium WordPress themes.
Visit Nivo Slider

9. Featurific For WordPress

Meh…Honestly I kinda hate this slider. It's been a while since I checked it out but when I used it a couple years ago, it sucked – I installed it then deleted it right away. For 1 it's in Flash (Who does that anymore?) and 2 it's branded with their Featuric logo, which can only be removed if you buy a premium version.
Check it out if you care…-_-
Visit Featurific

10. Smooth Slider – Slideshow Of Featured Posts

It just so happens that, I use to use the Smooth Slider on this site back when their wasn't much good free sliders and the premium ones where not that good either at the time. It wasn't hard to setup and the way it was built made it easy for me me to customize it to fit my theme. It doesn't come with any fancy pre-built look&feel, they leave that up to you.
Visit Smooth Slider

11. Coin Slider 4 WordPress

I've never used this plugin before it, but the sliders look really nice and clean and the settings are straight forward.

Visit Coin Slider // Demo

12. All-In-One Slideshow

Visit All-In-One Slideshow // Demo

13. iSlidex

Visit iSlidex // Demo

14. Featured Posts Slideshow WordPress Plugin

Visit Featured Posts Slide show

15. vSlider WordPress image slider

Showcase your portfolio, animate your header or manage your banners with vSlider 4.0+. vSlider is a wordpress image slider plugin where you can host multiple image sliders and upto 20 slides per slider.
Visit vSlider // Demo

16. Chop Slider 3 WordPress Plugin

The Chop Slider 3 plugin has over 42  effects to fir any situation, like volume 3D effects or brand new Canvas effects which perfectly fit for portfolios.
Visit Chop Slideer

17. RoyalSlider – Touch Content Slider for WordPress

RoyalSlider for WordPress is a cross-device jQuery content slider with touch-based navigation and responsive layout. It has user-friendly admin area where you can manage slides, change slider settings, customize interface and add blocks-captions using custom WYSIWIG editor.
Visit Royal Slider

18. LayerSlider WP – The WordPress Parallax Slider

This is a HTML5 slider that looks very good, it looks like it's flash but it's all HTML, CSS and jQuery. You can insert images, HTML elements, Flash movies, YouTube videos, etc.
Visit LayerSlider

19. Easing Slider

Another smooth WordPress Slider plugin, nice sleek transitions. No support for Post content though.
Visit Easing Slider

20. DDSliderWP

11 different transitions, slide manager and more.
Visit DDSliderWP // Demo

21. Slideshow

The Slideshow plugin gives you a shortcode called [slideshow], which pulls any image attachments for a post (or any post type) and formats them into a nicely-designed slideshow.
Visit Slideshow

22. Superb Slideshow

This is a strong, cross browser fade in slideshow script that incorporates some of your most requested features all rolled into one.
Visit Super Slideshow // Demo

23. Estro –  jQuery Ken Burns Slider

A smooth slider that is particularly good at presenting embedded videos, does it very nicely.
Visit ESTRO // Demo

24. Wow Slider jQuery Slider Plugin

Visit Wow Slider

25. Fullscreen Background Image Slider WP Plugin

Visit Fullscreen Background Image Slider WP Plugin // Demo

26. WordPress 360º Image Slider

Visit WordPress 360º Image Slider // Demo

27. Slider gallery Shortcode

Visit Slider gallery Shortcode //  Demo

28. TouchCarousel

Visit TouchCarousel // Demo

29. WordPress jquery slider/banner image rotator – li

Visit LI jQuery Slider // Demo

30. Thumbnail Scroller

The Thumbnail Scroller is different from other sliders on the list, it's all about the thumbnails. If you ever wanted a slider for thumbnails that works on mobile devices as well, this is your best bet.
Visit Thumbnail Scroller // Demo

31. Lowrider Triple Slider

Visit Lowrider Triple Slider // Demo

32. Premium Featured Posts Slider

Pretty self explanatory this one, it's built to do featured posts and nothing else. It does it very well by the way
Visit Premium Featured Posts Slider // Demo

33. KenBurner WordPress Slideshow Plugin

Visit KenBurner WordPress Slideshow Plugin // Demo

34. Pristine Slider: pure CSS3 interactive Slider

Pristine Slider is a unique product, the first of it’s kind. It’s a fully interactive slider, written entirely in CSS , no JavaScript. That makes it incredibly light and snappy, it works on all modern browsers. And for our beloved Internet Explorer there is a JS fallback included, so no worries there.
Visit Pristine Slider // Demo

35. CCSlider WP – 3d/2d Slideshow

Visit CCSlider WP – 3d/2d Slideshow // Demo

36. Slider Evolution for WordPress

Visit Slider Evolution for WordPress // Demo

37. Sugar Slider – Premium WordPress Slider Manager

Sugar Slider makes it as easy as it could possibly be to create gorgeous sliders for your WordPress powered site. Forget nasty custom fields and image URLs. You can even forget about manually resizing every image before you upload it.
Visit Sugar Slider // Demo

38. 3D Content Slideshow for WordPress

It's all about 3D these days, and not too many slider plugins do 3D and the ones that do, don't do it very well. 3D Content Slideshow does a pretty descent job, the only problem I see is that the transitions are a bit shaky. Not sure if that's just in the demo or if the plugin just does that. Check it out for your self.
Visit 3D Content Slider // Demo

39. uBillboard – Premium Slider for WordPress

Visit uBillboard // Demo

40. RivaSlider

Another standard slider plugin.
Visit RivaSlider

41. Multipurpose Bookshelf Slider – WordPress Plugin

When it comes to sliders, with so many now being available it's hard to find one that's truly unique, the Multipurpose Bookshelf Slider plugin is one such slider.
I'm not even sure what I would use this for but it's just really cool to look at, maybe you run a book related website, this could be really useful to you.
Visit Multipurpose Bookshelf Slider // Demo

42. Responsive Flip Book WordPress Plugin

To continue with the theme of unique sliders, here we have Responsive Flip Book slider which is yet another one I don't particularly have no use for but just love to look at.
Visit Responsive Flip Book // Demo

43. TN3 Gallery – jQuery Image Gallery

We End it off a standard slider, one that does all this things you'd expect from a premium slider with a couple unique transitions.
Visit TN3 Gallery
Phew, glad that's finally over. You don't even wanna know how long it took me to put that list together, if you can't find a slider here then you don't really want one because everyone slide plugin available that's worth using is here.
If you found this list to be useful, drop a comment.