How To Setup WordPress Background Ads

For a long time I’ve wanted to serve native WordPress background ads (aka takeover ads) on 2 of my sites, iHipHopMusic and MixtapesTV but there were no plugins that supported this naively. To do it required quite a bit manual effort which I simply don’t have time for nor do I […]

As Far as Design Goes, The New Apple "Watch" Is Ugly

Now hold on! Before you start rolling your eyes and write me off as some Apple hater, just so we’re clear. I love Apple, love my iPad, Mac Book and I’ll probably never switch from being an iPhone user even though I know it’s not the best phone out there. […]

FiveRepair – An Awesome Auto Repair WordPress Theme

If you’ve been searching for a new auto repair WordPress theme for your clients or if your in the auto repair biz, then I have just the right theme for you to check out. Introducing FiveRepair It’s a brand new release to the ThemeForest marketplace ans the theme looks awesome, […]

Guide: How The Google HTTPS Ranking Signal Affects Your Site

How Will The Google HTTPS Ranking Signal Affect My Website? The official announcement from Google of their newest addition to their ranking signals came just a few weeks ago, meaning that pages featuring secure encryption may obtain a boost to their ranking. As soon as folks heard “Google HTTPS ranking signal,” […]

Barley – A Smooth WordPress Frontend Content Editor

I remember a time not too long ago when I would have to dig through pages of search results to find a WordPress frontend content editor plugin that would allow me as well as users to easily edit content on the front-end of WordPress. Back then we weren’t asking for […]

How To Get 100 Thousand Followers On Google Plus

If your still looking at Google+ as some wanna be Facebook, then your way behind the curve on the massive shifts happening in search, SEO and content discovery. The big difference between Facebook and Google+, is that Facebook is a social network built around friends, family and their connections. On […]

Finally! An Automated Way To Do App Screenshots in Device Mockups!

You don’t even want to know how long I’ve been trolling the web trying to find a easy way to do App Screenshots in Device Mockups. It’s not that it’s particularly difficult to do in Photoshop, it’s just tedious, very annoying and certainly not a perfect science. This is where […]

Plagiarism Avenger Review – WordPress Content Protection Plugin

Can Plagiarism Avenger Help You Fight Back Against Content Theft? Written by: D E Bradley Content writing and blogging can be a great source of income and it is attractive because of its accessibility. Unfortunately, this accessible nature has led to a large number of website and blog creators seeing […]

MemberPress – Making WordPress Membership Sites Even Easier

You remember the good old days where you’d have to search top to bottom trying to find a something even worthy of being called a WordPress membership plugin?First, you’d dig through then you troll Google for about an hour to only end up back at aMember as the only […]

adBrite Shuts Down After 8 Years in Business

Ad Network and ad exchange adBrite is shutting down after 8 years in business. After a failed attempt to selling the company, they’ve decided to close shop. CEO Hardeep Bindra is telling partners that the company, which has 26 employees, will close by the end of the month, and is […]