OneSignal Review – Free Web Push Notifications?

Although I rated this plugin 8.5 doesn’t mean this plugin is a good choice for you. In fact, when I first tried using One Signal several years ago, it was a nightmare. I had a hard time setting it up, this was around the time when web push notifications was […]

Mailster – WordPress Email Marketing Plugin Review

I’ve been building websites with WordPress since 2006. I vividly remember what using a WordPress email marketing plugin was like in those early years.Umm…you didn’t because they were nonexistent…lol! You had to use a 3rd party solution, which was not cheap. Back then, Aweber was the biggest game in town […]

Roost – Web Push Notifications Made Easy

It’s amazing just how fast the Internet is moving, just two years ago, I was looking for any possibility on how to send web push notifications for my website. The things that were available at the time were hacks at their best, with some requiring you to have your users […]

MadMimi Review: Email Marketing Made Easy

I’ve had Madmimi for almost 3 years now but just really started to actively use the service on a daily basis. It’s very important for you to have an email list, this way you don’t have to depend on Search Engines and Social Media channels to keep your business afloat. […]