My site was hacked, here’s how I fixed it…Sort Of

Back in November of 2018, I search Site Studio in Google only to realize that Google had slapped the “this site may be hacked” label on my site listing. It’s a gut-wrenching feeling to see that label. I’ve been hacked before in my 13+ years of experience with WordPress and […]

Google Local Knowledge Panel Now Shows Reviews From The Web

Last Wednesday, Google announced that they would be introducing “reviews from the web” to their local knowledge panel section of the search results.The new feature went live on over the weekend and it’s a great addition. As far as what the requirements are for when they are displayed, there isn’t […]

Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 Are Dying on Tuesday…Finally!

For as long as I can remember Internet Explorer has been a pain in our asses….for web developers that is. Well guess what? Microsoft has done something we never thought they would ever do. They’re killing off Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10. The browsers will be reaching the end of their […]

Google Contributor Wants To Pay You To Show Less Ads

Have you ever heard of “fake outrage”? Fake outrage is when a small group of people makes a big deal about something that the majority of people don’t care about all in an attempt to get a rise out of people. These fake out-ragers AKA the low minority can be […]

Guide: How The Google HTTPS Ranking Signal Affects Your Site

How Will The Google HTTPS Ranking Signal Affect My Website? The official announcement from Google of their newest addition to their ranking signals came just a few weeks ago, meaning that pages featuring secure encryption may obtain a boost to their ranking. As soon as folks heard “Google HTTPS ranking signal,” […]

adBrite Shuts Down After 8 Years in Business

Ad Network and ad exchange adBrite is shutting down after 8 years in business. After a failed attempt to selling the company, they’ve decided to close shop. CEO Hardeep Bindra is telling partners that the company, which has 26 employees, will close by the end of the month, and is […]

Google Wants To Speed Up The Internet, Making It 100x Faster With Google Fiber

I hate to love Google, or is it I love to hate Google? Sigh, it’s complicated. They scare me sometimes, they I have so many things going on and their hands are in everything that I can’t even tell if it’s a conflict of interest or not. None the less […]

Vibrant Media Acquires Image Space Media, The Lamest In-Image Ad Network

You guys remember Image Space Media right?……..Nah? Don’t worry about it, neither does 90% of the rest of the web. I wrote about these guys over 2 years ago when they were originally called PicAdMedia. I basically addressed the low payouts, the possible potential of the service and a couple […]

PayPal Launches New Mobile Payment Platform

Mobile is happening and it is happening fast, PayPal is the latest company to take a serious step into the mobile industry with the release of there mobile payment service for e-commerce merchants. Two retail giants Nike and have already implemented the new system into there mobile applications. Mobile Express […] – One Click Live Broadcasting is a easy to use live broadcasting software created by the live streaming service Mogulus that only requires you to have a computer in order to create a live broadcast from your desktop to your website or channel on Mogulus.