R.I.P Vine, Here’s Why It Really Died

Vine is officially throwing in the towel even though they’ve been dead for about a year now. 3 years ago, I predicted the death of Vine when I posted my first video to Instagram the day they introduced 15-second clips on the then exclusively photo-based app. I knew back then and now that […]

The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Hashtags and Why

At this point everyone should know what an hashtag is why you should use it, to get traffic of course. But judging from what’s being done on Social Media today, clearly most people still don’t know how to use hashtags effectively. Why should I care about hashtags They get traffic It […]

Understanding Consumer Behavior & How To Influence Their Purchase Decisions

Many of you that are selling something online are most likely selling it to the millennial generation, your getting a ton traffic to your website but it’s not directly resulting in more sales. Why is that? Well today’s consumer is a new breed, we millennials don’t watch TV but we love reality TV shows, […]

As Far as Design Goes, The New Apple "Watch" Is Ugly

Now hold on! Before you start rolling your eyes and write me off as some Apple hater, just so we’re clear. I love Apple, love my iPad, Mac Book and I’ll probably never switch from being an iPhone user even though I know it’s not the best phone out there. […]

How To Get 100 Thousand Followers On Google Plus

If your still looking at Google+ as some wanna be Facebook, then your way behind the curve on the massive shifts happening in search, SEO and content discovery. The big difference between Facebook and Google+, is that Facebook is a social network built around friends, family and their connections. On […]

Why Facebook Pages Suck, And The Key To Getting More Traffic From Them

If you’ve had a Facebook fan page for more than 2 years and it’s been a major source of traffic for your website, then there’s a few things I’m sure you’ve notice. First thing is that your traffic has decreased, second is user engagement is not what it use to […]

How To Get 600 Likes a Week On Your Facebook Page

For those who’ve been reading this blog for a while, you already know I do my thing when it comes to marketing on Facebook. I can get pretty much get anybody to like anything on Facebook, except for one of my websites which is ComeWatchMe.com – for the life of […]

How To Get 1,000 + Visitors Per Day From Facebook Fan Pages

Now I know everyone goes ape shit over Twitter being the greatest thing since slice bread and has great appeal as a social marketing tool, but in all honesty Facebook holds far more weight. From the perspective of a website owner Facebook has much more social value. About eight months […]