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prostoresWhen building an online store, they are a few things that you will need in order to run your online business efficiently. You will need a easy way to collect payments online with different options such as credit card, check, money order etc.
The ability to automatically calculate shipping and tax information for various states and carriers such as FedEx and UPS. An easy way to mange your customers, inventory and orders as well as keeping track of your profit and expenses.
To achieve all this you would need a variety of tools and services that could possibly cost you thousands of dollars, and you haven't even gotten to marketing and promoting your business. These are the obstacles that ecommerce business owners face and the reason why 90 percent of them fail within there first year. This dilemma created a demand for more efficient, less time consuming and a more cost effective ways of getting and online store up and running.
ProStores is one of the the few tools that has attempted to solve this a problem and has succeeded at doing so. ProStores an eBay company is a all in one online store solution that combines all the fundamental tools required to operate an online store and then kicks it into overdrive by offering many more features and add-ons that makes running a online store as simple as writing a email.
So what's some of the benefits of using a solution like ProStores?

Easy Store Design

lets face most individuals looking to start there own store are not web designers, with ProStores you can choose from more than 150 professionally designed eCommerce templates, easily upload your logo or create one with ProStores built in logo creator. If you do have some design skills you can custom design your store with 3rd party HTML editing tools. You can also have a custom store designed by one ofProStores certified web designers.

Sell on eBay Automatically

Obviously ProStores being an eBay company gives you the ability to sell your products to over 250 million potential customers on the web's number one marketplace. You can automatically list to eBay fromProStores, everything such as your inventory, shipping and tax cost will be synced with eBay.

Accept Payments

Easily take payments online with web's leading payment processors such as PayPal (Also a eBay company),, Quick Books, Link Point and more.

Automatic Search Engine Optimization

By using ProStores you can rank higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN with the use of search engine friendly URLs that are automatically tuned for the best search engine performance. Automatic site map creation and customizable product keywords.

Quick Listings on Shopping Sites

ProStores will automatcially submit your products to Google Base which is a free service that can quickly drive drive targeted consumers to your website. They also provide tools for you to submit your products to the three major shopping comparison search engines®, Yahoo! Shopping®, and Shopzilla®.

Who is ProStores Mostly Suited For?

ProStores is suitable for both small to mid sized busniesses whether your selling a few hundred products or a hundred thousand products, ProStores can scale to meet your needs.
Screenshot of few different stores powered by ProStores.
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In Conclusion

Now more than ever business owners are looking for the most cost effective ways to build an online business and get the biggest bang for there buck,ProStores breaks down most of the walls you will run into when running your online business and provides the service at a fraction of the cost if you were to do it by other means. Of course there is no truly end all be all solution for running a business but you definitely benefit from starting out down the path with the least amount of resistance.
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