Jiwire Offers A Unique Way To Make Money From Mobile Ads

Mobile ad network Jiwire just recently released a new product called Mobile Ads for Access. Basically what Mobile Ads for Access does is it gives brands, bloggers and web masters the ability to offer their mobile audience  free Wi-Fi access in exchange for engaging with their advertisement. I don’t know about […]

Mobile Money Bandit Review, Don't Buy This Product Until You Read This

Mobile Money Bandit Review, this is a look into the new Mobile Money Bandit product and I STRONGLY recommend you read every word of this because this program is not what you think it is. I really don’t spend much time paying attention to these shitty internet marketing products coming […]

WiziApp: WordPress iPhone Plugin, That Turns Your WordPress Site into a iPhone App

Not too long ago I wrote about why it’s important to be mobile ready in this day and age. The problem is that it’s still too costly to create Mobile Apps for your website and even more expensive if your trying to do something fancy (did I just use the word fancy?). Even WordPress […]

If Your Website Isn't Mobile Ready Yet, Here's Why It Should Be ASAP

So here what’s happening right now and what’s about to happen. Smart phone sales are projected to out perform global PC sales within 3 years. Mobile web adoption is growing 8X faster than the equivalent point 10 yrs ago for the desktop. Half of new internet connections are from mobile devices This is […]