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AdlyThere has been quite a few Twitter advertising networks to come out the would works over the past year or so such as Sponsored Tweets, Betweeted, Twitvert, Twittad, Magpie and a dozen more. The problem is none of them have truly don't understand how Twitter works on a social level most of these Twitter advertising networks are usually broken down into two types of networks, the ones that only go after celebrities with high a high volume of followers and the other that just goes after spammers and tire kickers and doesn't ad any real value to advertisers or Twitter. is the first network to accommodate all Twitter users, they have a large number of high profile celebrities but there is also room for the little guys with only a few thousand followers. Some of you who have already joined the network a while back might remember that campaign NBC had for upcoming shows one of which was True Blood (love that show) which I think everyone at the time got paid to tweet about the season finale which was $290 for a Tweet, yeah that's right one Tweet. Some Users are even getting upwards of $5,000 per tweet,and this is just the beginning.
Checkout the video from their Launch back in September. It includes some pretty big celebrity endorsements like Dr Drew, Chamillionaire, Tony Hawk, and many others:[media id=3 width=630 height=350]
A few days ago launched there referral program where if you refer your friends to you make 12% of whatever they make, and with the Race, the person who gets the most people to sign up for wins a Free 13’ Macbook Pro (2nd and 3rd place will also get a free iPod Touch). already ran successful campaigns with brands like NBC and Sony Pictures and are working with brands like Dell, Hilton, The Olympics, and Maserati to bring more high quality ads to there publishers. They are also launching our self-serve engine soon, which will allow more advertisers to participate. These guys are making all the right moves and doing all the right things in the Twitter advertising space and by the looks of ,millions of dollars will be passing through this company in the upcoming months.
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