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sp_full_view_link( $anchortext, $before, $after )

### display and echo desktop site view link ###
$anchortext – link text
$before – html to be shown just before the link
$after – html to be shown just after the link

sp_actual_view_link( $anchortext, $before, $after )

### display and echo actual device site link. if current user visiting the site rather than a desktop browser, and switched into desktop view mode, then this will show a link to get back to the device oriented site. ###
$anchortext – link text
$before – html to be shown just before the link
$after – html to be shown just after the link
This is the first ever WordPress plugin from SiteBuilderTips, SmartPress a smart device detection plugin for theme switching and server-side device specific display.
It was built using Categorizr and Categorizr Redirect script created by Brett Jankord.
The web is changing so fast, that it’s hard for a web Designer to keep up. I work with WordPress sites that have so many unique pages, that it would literally take weeks to rebuild them all as responsive themes, which is the case with one of my personal sites iHipHopMusic.com.
5 different custom post types, all with a specifically designed archive page, each of them have their own taxonomies each of which are styled a specific way, plus a ton of different pages and a slew other design factors to consider.
In that situation a theme switcher comes in handy, this is one of the problems SmartPress solves, there isn’t a shortage of mobile theme switchers out there but some of them go over board with the browser detection by trying to detect each and every smart device and user agent out there.

SmartPress Categories: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet & Smart TV

Simplifying the detection to desktop, mobile, tablet and smart tv makes it much easier from a design perspective.

Doesn’t Responsive Themes Solve This Problem?

Responsive design solves the problems of front end design, but what if there is something you only want to show on a mobile from the server-side. A good example that would be a ad code from Google adsense, if you use CSS to handle the display of ads then the ads will still load even if you set the display to none.
This is where things like sp_is_mobile, sp_is_tablet, sp_is_smart_tv, sp_is_desktop come in handy.

I did allot of checking and couldn’t find another plugin that does detection for Smart TV which was one of the main reason I built this plugin.

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