How to Animate Graphs in Adobe XD

With every passing day, there is a new tutorial how-to tutorial showing you how to push the limits of the still very minimal feature set of Adobe XD. Adobe added Auto Animate to XD almost a year ago and we’ve seen designers hit the ground running with what can be […]

Review: New Dailymotion Redesign & Branding

A look at the new Dailymotion redesign and branding for 2015. Dailymotion was launched back in 2005, from the living room in Paris of one of its partners. It’s one of the biggest video hosting platforms on the web, at one point it was the biggest competition to YouTube in […]

Finally! An Automated Way To Do App Screenshots in Device Mockups!

You don’t even want to know how long I’ve been trolling the web trying to find a easy way to do App Screenshots in Device Mockups. It’s not that it’s particularly difficult to do in Photoshop, it’s just tedious, very annoying and certainly not a perfect science. This is where […]